Zero waste of water in aluminum bottles

Along with being super safe for the environment and reducing the plastic waste that is found in seas, and cities and affecting the natural habitat of living things, aluminum bottles are also saving the water supply and conserving it.

Due to its recyclability and zero waste production aluminum waste doesn’t pollute our springs, rivers, and seas. The bottled water industry is the most criticized by environmentalists due to immense waste created from the plastic water bottles used every day and thrown in the bin. Using aluminum water bottles instead will make this waste to zero as these bottles and caps can be recycled into new ones easily.

Aluminum water bottles and cans are trending and now there is some bigger manufacturer of aluminum water bottles in the USA who is aiming to replace plastic bottles from the supply chain.

Water packed in aluminum cans is better protected from light and oxygen ensures good taste and there are no harmful reactions with the water bottle as in plastic containers that may cause health hazards in some cases.

Some of the ways how aluminum bottles for water storage are the cause of zero waste of water are:

● They are recyclable

Aluminum cans and water bottles are recyclable infinite times and every time a user throws an aluminum water can or bottle it is used in the production of new bottles. Recyclable water bottles such as open water in aluminum bottles are made 73 percent from the used water bottles and can be completely utilized again which is not possible in the case of plastic and glass bottles.

● Longer shelf-life of water

Aluminum water bottles provide better protection from sunlight and oxygen that makes the shelf life of water longer so that even the bottles travel from the countryside to the metropolitan city the water remains intact in composition and taste. Hence no wastage of water due to getting old or bad in taste.

● Completely aluminum packaging

Completely recyclable packaging of aluminum from caps to bottle to ensure that there are no parts from each aluminum water can or bottle that cause any damage to the water sources and environment.

● Local packaging and conservation

Another great initiative by the bottled water companies using aluminum water cans and bottles is that they prefer local sourcing and packaging at the foot of waterfalls, springs, or rivers. This makes zero waste of water in supplying to the plant or taking in tanks to get bottled. Plus customers get the fresh taste of water right from the spring to the bottle.

Also, there is a set standard that the demand and supply must not differ by more than 5 percent so that the water is not packed to be expired on shelves and get wasted. This is possible due to the local sourcing and supply of the water and is beneficial for the conservation of water sources greatly.

● Carbon neutral materials

An additional plus point from the manufacturer of aluminum cans and aluminum water bottles towards nature is that the plant operation and their products have zero carbon emissions that make them beneficial to the environment and help in reducing the greenhouse effect.

Aluminum water bottles are the future of the beverage and water packaging industry and this is one the biggest ways to save our planet from getting more damaged and hotter due to global warming. Let’s pledge to save our water sources and contribute to the betterment of the earth by committing to use aluminum recyclable water bottles and can and wasting less water.