Why Homeopathic Cough Medicine Is Better For You

A cough occurs when your airway becomes clogged by particles from mucus, dust, smoke, or any other irritant. It can be a reaction to a temporary obstruction, or it can be indicative of an illness. The latter is more likely if it’s accompanied by other symptoms of sickness. In many cases, it’s a symptom of a cold or flu. If your cough persists for longer than a day, it’s possible that it’s being triggered by excess mucus production that’s caused by an illness. There are plenty of cough treatments on the market, but few are as safe and effective as wet cough tablets.

No Harmful Side Effects

There are two common types of over-the-counter cough medications — expectorants and antitussives. Expectorants work by lubricating your airway and loosening up mucus, which makes a cough more effective in clearing away obstructions. Expectorants are known to have an array of side effects, though, that can offset the benefits that they provide. Some of these side effects include dizziness, headaches, fatigue, constipation, and drowsiness. In rare cases, a person can even have an allergic reaction, which can inflict life-threatening side effects if it isn’t treated promptly.

Antitussives have a similar laundry list of potential side effects. They, too, can cause dizziness, headaches, constipation, and nausea. Other side effects include blurred vision and insomnia. Doctors recommend that antitussive medication only be taken temporarily, for no more than seven consecutive days. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a natural cough remedy that eliminated these side effects? A wet cough homeopathic remedy is one of the best options for effectively treating the symptoms of cough and congestion — and best of all, a homeopathic remedy can help you avoid the nasty side effects that are often associated with expectorants and antitussives!

Clinically Proven to Reduce Symptoms

Some people mistakenly believe that homeopathic treatments are not as effective as pharmaceutical and over-the-counter drugs. On the contrary, the opposite is often true, and many natural remedies are clinically proven to reduce symptoms. Ingredients such as lapine bradykinin immune globulin and lapine histamine immune globulin act as all-natural combatants against the most common symptoms of colds. These ingredients are formulated based on antibody activity in the brain and act to mitigate the brain signals associated with coughing. They also reduce the feelings of pain and discomfort that can result from a cough.

These ingredients have been repeatedly shown in clinical studies to effectively reduce the symptoms associated with coughing. Furthermore, they’ve been shown to do so without the side negative effects that typically accompany other cough medications. There are many different types of coughs, and a natural medication can treat them all. Whether you’re dealing with a nasty, phlegm-afflicted wet cough or a painfully dry respiratory cough, a natural solution can provide the relief you need without cursing you with a list of unwanted side effects.

Natural solutions can help you address your health concerns with minimal risk to your wellbeing. Opt for a homeopathic cough treatment the next time you feel a cold coming on.