Which European Baby Formula Brands Are the Best?

Which European Baby Formula Brands Are the Best?

If you are considering buying baby formula, you may be wondering which European brands are the best. There are so many choices available, and you don’t want to make the wrong choice! You can start with the Holle brand, which has earned a good reputation for producing the highest-quality formula in Europe. However, you can also consider HiPP, a German company that produces European Organic formula. HiPP’s Organic Guarantee is even higher than the EU’s minimum requirements.

HiPP Dutch 1 organic infant formula is a good choice for your baby, as it contains no gluten, maltodextrin, or soy lecithin. It also contains lactose-derived galactooligosaccharides, which fuel the good bacteria in the gut. HiPP organic infant formula is also free of soy, and contains palm oil as part of the essential fatty acid blend. It also has no corn syrup, GMOs, or hydrogenated oils.

Another good organic baby formula is Lebenswert bio. It is made from cow’s milk from biodynamic farms in Germany. It contains DHA, ARA, and prebiotics. The ingredients list can vary depending on where you buy the product. Holle bio contains organic palm oil and EU-certified ingredients. This brand of baby formula is available throughout the UK, and internationally. It is a good choice for families with a green conscience.

Bobbie is another great European-style baby formula available in the US. It has been formulated by a mom and is similar to European baby formulas. It is a top pick because it is organic and meets EU requirements. Bobbie is also free of palm oil and uses organic Valley grass-raised cows. And unlike many other European brands, Bobbie has no added sugars or prebiotics. The only synthetic nutrients are DHA and soy.

Some formulas include sugar and maltodextrin. These are common carbohydrate powders used as a cheap lactose replacement, thickener, and preservative. This ingredient can cause a rapid spike in blood sugar, and some organic formulas avoid it altogether. Nevertheless, it’s still best to steer clear of maltodextrin, which is often marketed as a “harmless” additive.

Loulouka is another European formula that is organic. Loulouka uses organic whole milk from Switzerland. It contains Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs) to boost your baby’s brain and nervous system development. It’s also vegan and vegetarian-friendly, so it meets strict European standards and has a high sustainability rating. To get all these benefits, Kendamil uses organic full cream nutrients, and is certified vegetarian-friendly. Its formulas are pasteurized in a factory.