What are USER-FRIENDLY Features of UPDF – The Best PDF Editor Ever

Any person related to any profession seeks software or applications that ease or spare their burdens. As editing PDF files is a head-scratching task, Superace software company has introduced new helpful software, UPDF. Although other softwares are good too, they come with high pricing. UPDF is a free PDF editor capable of doing smooth and uninterrupted editing of files.

Introduction of the Free PDF Editor – UPDF:

Before going down to look into the awesome features of UPDF, beware, there is no premium version of UPDF. Its free version has all features unlocked for users. And it’s one of the biggest plus points that UPDF has.


Superace has made them super easy, user-friendly, catchy, and beautiful interface of UPDF. You can edit PDF files without any hustle. Compared to online tools, add text to PDF online is allowed, but online tools don’t let you modify the existing text in PDF. UPDF allows you modify existing text in PDF.

Here are some practical and handy features of UPDF.

1: Many options in editing text:

Text editing in UPDF has become simple, with many options. You can

  • Copy-paste
  • Insert an image
  • Delete
  • Align
  • Space properly

You can want any font color or size from the font control parameters.

Text mark-up helps you in marking text for highlighting or other purposes.

You have different reviewing options to mark-up like

  • Highlight
  • Underline
  • Strikethrough

Besides mark-ups, there are commenting tools too that allow you to review and add edited text in the document

  • Sticky notes
  • Shapes
  • Text box
  • Stamps

One of the fun features of editing text is that you can hand draw geometric shapes, lines, arrows, etc.

2: Image editing options:

Images are an essential part of many documents. These can be in any form, like graphs or simple images. You have full command to

  • Edit
  • Crop
  • Rotate
  • Insert
  • Delete the images

3: Large files manager and organizer:

Organizing PDF pages is one of the best features of UPDF. You can not only work but also open and edit more than one file. The tabbed view gives you an option to check out multiple files.

To manipulate files, you get many options to view the pages. Some of these are:

  • Zoom in and zoom out
  • Reorder
  • Delete
  • Extract pages
  • Control orientation

In managing files, you can also control the range of the page like

  • Odd
  • Even
  • Landscape
  • Portrait

All these options are enough to describe the worth of installing UPDF.

New updates of UPDF:

Superace software company will update UPDF to make it a more powerful PDF editor. Some of these upcoming features are:

Unique options to fill PDF forms:

If you are applying for any job, course, or immigration purposes, you will be able to fill the form with an intuitive form field. UPDF gives you multiple options to add an electronic sign to your paper.

More secure files:

With new updates, your PDF files will be more secure. No unauthorized person can sign in without a Face ID or password. Enterprise-grade security will add more restrictions to reaching out to PDF files.

Edit scanned docs now:

New updated UPDF will be able to detect OCR and read scanned files. Search and edit scanned files with more speed and accuracy.

Conversion to other formats:

Converting PDF files to other formats will be easier for professionals in any field.


You can enjoy the full-fledged features of UPDF without any payment and restrictions of premium plans. Its free version is the premium version, too. With that many features and options to edit PDF text and images, UPDF is the only free option you have in your office or home.