What are the Benefits of 100 Bamboo Sheets and Mattress Protectors?

The quality of sleeping sheets you use plays a huge role in your sleep’s quality. This can affect the overall comfort, perspiration, and body temperature. This is one reason why we recommend the use of 100 bamboo sheets.

Most people feel they are spending too much when the idea of a mattress protector comes in. They feel they have invested much in buying the mattress and see no need for the protector. However, it is better to invest in one and get your Yinahla mattresses a longer lifespan.

Benefits of 100 Bamboo Sheets

Smooth and soft

100 bamboo sheets have a smooth feel similar to that of silk. This is why they are gentle and soft on the skin. Furthermore, they create little friction; this makes them great for frizzy or textured hair. They are an affordable option to silk. They are also machine washable, in contrast to silk that needs hand washing.

Temperature regulation

The first of its temperature regulating feature is its ability to keep your body dry and cool. This makes it great for most climates. The moisture-wicking and breathability abilities of the fabric are what give the temperature-regulating nature.

The second feature here is its breathability. 100 bamboo sheets allow steady airflow. With ventilation, hot air will not be trapped underneath the covers.

Lastly, is its moisture wicking ability. 100 bamboo sheets help in pulling moisture and heat away from your body. This gives assistance to the temperature regulation system of your body.


100 bamboo sheets are allergy and asthma friendly. They help in resisting bacteria, mold, fungus, and mites. During your sleeping time, it wards off irritants and microorganisms, thereby making it great for those having allergies or asthma.

Benefits of Mattress Protectors

You may be wondering why you need a mattress protector. Below are some of the reasons.

Ensures your mattress stays clean

Your mattress protector will fit your mattress properly just the same way a fitted sheet does it. Also, you can easily remove and wash it. Majority of them are waterproof, which is a useful feature in case your kids spill something on your mattress. This prevents foul smells or permanent stains over time.

Reduces allergies

Microscopic organisms like dust mites feed on dead skin cells that have been absorbed by the mattress. They can cause allergies like coughing, sneezing, and breathing difficulties. However, with a mattress protector, the number of dead skin cells that have been absorbed by the mattress will be automatically reduced.

Protects the warranty

Majority of mattress warranties will become void when there are marks or stains on them. So, what’s the essence of purchasing a new mattress having, for instance, a warranty of 10 years, when it becomes void in its first year? Using a mattress protector to ensure this is surely a smart move.


Many people don’t consider the use of 100 bamboo sheets and mattress protectors. Not buying a mattress protector is just like buying a costly Smartphone without installing a screen guard or protective case on it. Also, bamboo sheets offer a more product sleep. It is not too late to buy these items, as they will surely prolong your mattress’ lifespan and improve your sleep greatly.