Warning Signs To Notice If Your Loved Needs A Rehab

Things just have not been the same lately. Your loved one has been very distant, and you cannot seem to put the finger on his or her behavior. Not quite sure what the issue is yet; you are positive that some outside force is driving a wedge in your relationship. These signs may be a strong indicator that your loved one is abusing drugs or alcohol and need to be addiction treatment facility.

Addiction has become a problem in households all over the world. In most cases, the addict has a hard time admitting this to himself or herself, let alone family members and friends. If you have suspicions that someone you love has a drug or alcohol addiction, it may be up to you to get their needed help and rehabilitation required before it is too late. There are a few warning signs that will help conclude if your worst fears have come true.

The Eyes

It has been said that the eyes never lie, and this is a statement that holds very true when looking for the signs of addiction. Regardless of what the drug is, the results will typically be shown in the user’s eyes. A marijuana smoker will frequently have slanted, fiery-red eyes. The pupils of a cocaine abuser are usually huge and distorted. Someone addicted to prescription pills will have a distant glare about them, as if they are staring off into space. A person avoiding eye contact with you may also have a drug problem. Since denial is such a huge part of addiction, this is certainly a sign to look for in a suspected loved one.

Loss of Weight

A very telling sign that your loved one may require rehabilitation is a rapid loss of weight. Crack cocaine and heroin are just two of many drugs known to shed pounds from the addict. This is due to a massive level of dependency on those drugs. They create such a craving that the individual’s appetite for food is replaced with the need for a fix. If a friend or family member has lost a substantial amount of weight over a short amount of time, there is a very good chance that he or she is addicted to a destructive drug and is in great need of a rehab program.

Bad Influences

For some reason, alcoholics and drug addicts run their packs. It is true what they say – misery loves company. A warning sign that your loved ones have turned to drugs is the type of friends they surround themselves with. Many cases of addiction began with peer pressure. If they are frequently seen with known drug abusers, there is a great chance of them being influenced to participate in drug or alcohol abuse.

The path to addiction usually starts with one pill, a first-time smoke, or even a simple drink. If you have noticed this behavior in a loved one, the situation should never be taken lightly. The results can prove beyond damaging for both the user and his or her family. Take heed to the warning signs, and make it a priority to get the appropriate treatment for your loved one before time runs out.