Using Guidelines to Create Project Management Plans

Many organizations use guidelines to create project management plans. Microsoft Project 2007 and other project management software packages come with several template files to use as guidelines. However, do not confuse a project management plan with a Gantt chart. The project management plan is much more than a Gantt chart, as described earlier. Many government agencies also provide guidelines for creating project management plans.

For example, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) Standard 2167, Software Development Plan, describes the format for contractors to use in creating a plan for software development for DOD projects. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Standard 1058 1998 describes the contents of a Software Project Management Plan (SPMP). Table 4-2 provides some of the categories for the IEEE SPMP. Companies working on software development projects for the Department of Defense must follow this or a similar standard.

The winners clearly spell out what needs to be done in a project, by whom, when, and how. For this they use an integrated toolbox, including PM tools, methods, and techniques If a scheduling template is developed and used over and over, it becomes a repeatable action that leads to higher productivity and lower uncertainty. Sure, using scheduling templates is neither a breakthrough nor a feat. But laggards exhibited almost no use of the templates.

Rather, in constructing schedules their project managers started with a clean sheet, a clear waste of time. 8 For example, in the opening case, Nick Carson s top managers were disappointed because he did not provide them with the project planning information they needed to make important business decisions.


They wanted to see detailed project management plans, including schedules and a means for tracking progress. Nick had never created a project management plan or even a simple progress report before, and the organization did not provide templates or examples to follow. If it had, Nick might have been able to deliver the information top management was expecting. Visit Here: 0x00x0

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