Top Bathroom Fixtures and Features

Bathroom fixtures and features come in various styles to meet different preferences. Whether you need a new bathtub, sink, tap, toilet, or wall accessories, you have a wide range of options. Here’s an overview of the top fixtures and features to consider during your bathroom renovations:

1. Bathtubs

The bathtub is one of the most important bathroom fixtures and adds luxury and convenience to your space. A bathtub may also serve as the focal point of the bathroom. You might think a bathtub needs more space, but you can combine it with overhead showers to fit in a small bathroom. Instead of installing the shower and bathtub in different parts, consider having them both in the same space. The bathtub is a perfect fixture for a relaxing, in-home spa experience.

2. Toilets

The toilet is a top bathroom fixture you should consider upgrading during a renovation. You have many choices, including closet-coupled toilettes with the cistern on top of the bowl. If you have a small space, consider a back-to-wall closed coupled toilette. You can also use a wall-hung toilette with the tank built into the wall. The design is easy to clean and saves space. Make sure your toilette features premium materials and is easy to use and clean.

3. Sinks

The sink is another feature you can upgrade to give your bathroom a new look. You have many options to select, and sinks feature different sizes, materials, shapes, designs, and mounting styles. Leading bathroom renovation masstamilan companies can also help you install custom-made sinks to fit your space. The bathroom remodeling company will measure your space and determine the best place to install a custom sink. You can also find classic and modern styles.

4. Faucets

Sinks are incomplete without a matching faucet/tap, and homeowners have various styles to choose from. You can add a tap to bathroom basins and feature single-handle controls to switch between hot and cold water. Wall-mounted masstamilan faucets offer a modern appeal and clean, sharp lines or waterfall spouts. You can also choose different materials, including brass, silver, gold, and coated options. The faucet can match the bathtub finish and other fixtures.

5. Showers

You can upgrade your shower by using a modern shower head. Stalls, kits, shower pans, doors, and steam shows are other options to consider. Showers come in unique designs, including custom materials to match your space and style. You can install standalone showers or use the same space as the bathtub if you have a smaller bathroom. Research modern designs and finishes to find an option that complements your space.

6. Urinals

People assume urinals are only for commercial bathrooms, but nothing stops you from adding one to your home. A urinal is a convenient fixture and can help prevent splashing. The fixture also helps to maintain a clean toilet. You’ll find different materials, designs, and colors to match your bathroom. Most designs are wall-mounted, so you’ll need extra space to fit a urinal and a toilette in the room.

7. Cabinets

You can use wall cabinets to maximize your bathroom space. The cabinets offer storage solutions where you can keep bathroom products neatly organized. Wall cabinets also protect your bathroom supplies from splashing water. You can include mirrors and LED lights and customize the shelving to suit your bathroom products/supplies. Consider the appropriate size based on the space. Don’t choose cabinets that are too dominant or too inconspicuous.

Other Bathroom Fixtures and Features

You can install several other bathroom fixtures and features, including wall mirrors, bidets, and saunas. Some bathrooms have enough space to add accessories, such as soap dispensers, toilet roll holders, shower baskets, and towel rails. Each accessory comes in unique designs for different preferences. You can choose wall-mounted or free-standing accessories, depending on your space and the interior décor you’re trying to achieve.

Bathroom Renovations by Experts

Bathroom fixtures and features come in many styles, materials, and sizes. You can install the perfect fixture for your bathroom, provided you work with a reputable remodeling company. Your goal is to find premium quality products that suit the style you’re creating for your space. The best bathroom renovations are customized to your needs and handled by experienced professionals.