Top 6 Bedroom Organization Tips

We all want to relax when we get home from work. Feeling like you need to spend the next hour cleaning before you can do anything else isn’t exactly the ideal state of mind for relaxing. That’s why keeping your bedroom organized is so important. If you have everything in its place, it’s one less thing to worry about. Here are six simple ways to keep your bedroom organized and ready for relaxation in no time at all.

Use up Vertical Space

One of the best tricks to maximize your space is vertical storage. So many of us live in tiny apartments with few closets, so we must find creative ways to store our clothing, linens, and other belongings. One easy trick, use wall space above your bed instead of a traditional headboard. 

You can build simple shelving units or get more ambitious by adding a ladder or custom railing system. This way you can store clothing boxes, bookshelves, or any number of other storage pieces that help keep you organized without taking up too much floor space. And don’t forget about decorative shelves. They will turn a boring wall into something beautiful as well as functional.

Color Code your Wardrobe

Have you ever rummaged through your closet looking for a specific piece of clothing only to come up empty-handed? Maybe you know it’s in there, but your wardrobe’s state of disarray is preventing you from finding it. If that sounds familiar, color-code your clothes by type or season. 

Storing similar garments together makes them easier to find and will also make organizing them faster since you’ll be able to group items with ease. It may sound time-consuming, but if done right, color-coding can help keep your bedroom organized even when clutter has seemingly taken over. Don’t worry if cleaning out your wardrobe seems daunting: just start small. Take one drawer at a time and start color coding as you go.

Add Extra Storage

A wardrobe can make all your bedroom organization dreams come true. The style is popular in homes because it makes great use of space. As you move around, it allows you to see everything with ease while still looking aesthetically pleasing. I-shaped wardrobes are typically built with deep shelves or drawers. 

You can store anything in an i shaped wardrobe from hats and coats to candles and blankets, giving your room a welcoming look no matter what time of year it is. Plus, they are designed with sliding doors that give you access without bending over or getting out of bed making them a must-have for anyone who lives with chronic pain.

Label Your Items

Labeling your things is a great way to keep them organized and findable. Items are labeled with what they are, where they go, when you bought them and when they expire. You can also use any other pertinent information to make it easier to put away items as soon as you take them out of your bag. 

Keep all my miscellaneous chargers on one universal outlet strip that stays plugged in at your bedside. You can plug in your phone and tablet at night, knowing you have no more cords in your bag.

Use Under Bed Storage Boxes

If you’re like most people, your bedroom is a jumble of clothes, bedding, books, laptop bags, mobile phone chargers, spare shoes and more. An easy way to streamline storage in your bedroom is by using under-bed storage boxes. 

This box fits neatly under your bed or even your sofa or couch if you prefer not to have it on display. The best ones can carry heavy loads with ease and often have handles so they can be moved easily when full. Some have wheels for easy movement around your house as well.

Tidy as You Go

When you tidy as you go, cleaning your bedroom becomes more like tidying up a playroom than something intimidating. If you don’t have time to tackle everything in one big swoop, make sure to tackle just one small corner before going to bed each night. 

Suppose your shirt piles tend to avalanche onto your floor every evening as soon as you take them off. Set aside five minutes before bedtime to put everything away in your closet or dresser drawers. You’ll be surprised how much easier it is to spend an hour or two straightening up at once if fewer things are cluttering up your space.


Up to this point, we believe you can make your bedroom tidy. Your bedroom will never be a mess by following the tips mentioned above. Get extra storage as you label your items for easy identification. Vertical space storage will also help maximize your storage space and under-bed storage boxes.