The Dos and Don’ts of Setting a 6 Monitor Setup

You feel really excited about your 6 monitor setup and can’t wait to get tons of work done. The key to efficiency rests on getting the right specs and proper setup. Otherwise, you will experience technical glitches. If you do not do this properly, your computer will feel awkward to use and you may not know where to look. Learn about computer specifications and view them here

Before investing in your multi-monitor setup, conduct your research first. Make sure you purchase your units from a reliable source. Then, learn how to set everything up properly to avoid problems. These issues can be frustrating as it drains your time and energy. To help you out, check out these common dos and don’ts of setting a 6 monitor setup.

Do Remember Not All CPUs Support Many Monitors

It would be prudent to remember that you cannot just pick anything randomly. Your CPU or central processing unit may not be built to accommodate a lot of monitors. For instance, specialized trading computers are specifically designed to cope with the energy and display requirements of multiple monitors. They have built-in graphic cards that are vital for running pristine images without glitches or distortions. Factor this when upgrading your system. It may be a lot cheaper in the long run to buy a complete system.  

Do Pick the Right Type of Monitor for Your Needs

It is vital to choose the right size of computer monitors as this will impact resolution. You can also improve your setup with the right settings. You will find three different kinds of LCDs in the market, and these are:

  • Twisted nematic panels 
  • Vertical alignment
  • In-plane switching panels

Most traders feel happy with the Twisted Nematic. Gamers love Vertical Alignment, while graphic designers usually prefer the highest resolution which is in-plane switching. 

Don’t Fail to Check Monitor Settings

Once you have your 6 monitor setup, check the details on the resolution settings. Usually, your monitors will come with a standard resolution that’s pre-set on the actual equipment. Although that’s generally optimal already and will work, you can still make adjustments in the Display Settings and Display resolution. Tweak the details to pick what works best for you. 

Do Pay Close Attention to Ergonomics

If you want to truly appreciate your 6 monitor setup, you must pay close attention to ergonomics. Firstly, this includes monitor placement so you don’t strain your neck and back while looking at the screen. It would also help to select an adjustable chair that molds to your body and habits. Secondly, an adjustable desk can help minimize discomfort as it allows you to sit or stand while using the computer. Thus, you can easily stretch your joints, minimizing the damage of being stuck in one position for too long. Finally, assess your habits. Perhaps you pay more attention to one primary monitor. Hence, you must adjust your screen distances and angles based on your needs. 

Don’t Forget to Match the Displays

If you opt to buy monitors separately, it is possible that you will end up with monitors coming from different brands. They may even have different sizes. As a result, even the typography or images on your screen may come in varying sizes. For these reasons, you must match the display by tweaking the scaling. Go to the Display Setting in Windows and opt for layout and scale. As for Mac OS, go to the Display and disable the mirror display. Then select the scale option. Make the necessary adjustments from there to match your displays. 

Do Plan Out Your Desk Setup 

Don’t leave any room for regrets. It can be quite frustrating if you don’t have the right holes in your desk to camouflage wires and cables. Hence, you must plan this ahead so you can tuck away what you don’t want to see. A neat table is vital because it can affect your productivity. Proper preparation assures you have a 6 monitor setup that you feel happy with. It would be such a hassle to keep on disconnecting because wires get tangled up in your workspace. After all, a cluttered space equates to a chaotic mind frame. It’s just not worth it. 

Don’t Neglect the Output and Input Connections

Since you will have a 6 monitor setup, that means you need output and input connections. You will need several cables to make everything work, especially if you buy the monitors separately. You will find many different ports like:

  • VGA 
  • USB
  • Type-C
  • HDMI

If you have no idea what these are, take a close-up shot and bring it with you to the computer store. But for best results, it would be better to buy a whole system from a reputable provider. A comprehensive setup means you don’t have to worry about minute details. 

Do Optimize Machine Shortcuts

A mouse will make your life easy, but it can be very straining on your wrist if you use it over long periods of time. To prevent muscle stiffness when working with your 6 monitor setup, learn easy shortcuts to make your work more efficient. There are different shortcuts based on your operating system, so conduct research on this. You can also explore various apps that provide easy access such as Display Fusion. 

Don’t Be Complacent with Updates

Finally, make it a point to optimize the performance of your investment. Make it a habit to always update your drivers. If you don’t have this set on auto mode, visit relevant websites of whatever OS and software you have. Staying updated will help your computer and monitors perform seamlessly, avoiding problems in the long run. 

Parting Words

Some say that making mistakes is a part of life because it’s how people grow and learn. However, mistakes are not made equal. Making errors when it comes to buying your monitors and other devices can be expensive. Thus, you must work hard to mitigate mistakes by paying close attention to these dos and don’ts. When you start on a strong foundation with your machine, you can be more happy and productive.