Side Effects of Kratom, Both Prolonged and Temporary

There are several places where Kratom may be purchased nowadays, including tobacco or vape shops, gas station convenience stores, and the internet. 

Among the many available forms are crushed leaves, pills, tablets, powder, and chewing gum. This product has a bitter taste, according to users.

Symptoms of withdrawal associated with opioids may be alleviated using FDA-approved medications such as methadone and buprenorphine. 

Kratom should not be used as an opiate withdrawal therapy or substitution until clinical studies assess seizure frequency, long-term liver concerns, and other adverse effects.

In this article, you’ll learn about the prolonged and temporary effects of Kratom.

Is Kratom a Danger to Your Health?

Because of the lack of controlled clinical research, it is impossible to know if kratom is safe for human use. 

Most of our current information on this medication is based on anecdotal experiences from users and physicians, and animal studies.

One of the molecules revealed in the material has the potential to lead to physical dependency and addiction, including some that bind to opioid receptors in the human brain.

Kratom has a long history of medicinal usage in Southeast Asia, but the narcotic has been outlawed in Thailand, Malaysia, and Myanmar owing to its high propensity for addiction.

Some herbal medications, kratom is a safe and natural supplement that may improve mood and reduce pain

This plant stimulant has been utilized in Southeast Asia since the 16th century, but government organizations have warned that it may be dangerous and even addicting.

Kratom’s Side Effects

It is common for people to take Kratom for its short and long-term effects. Users have reported exhilaration within 10 minutes of intake, and the results have been observed to linger for around 90 minutes. 

Kratom’s Temporary Effects

In the short term, the effects of kratom might be challenging to predict due to the medication’s complex chemical composition. If taken at the exact dosage, it is possible to experience stimulant and opiate effects more or less balanced depending on individual sensitivity.

Short-term impacts may also include an increase in alertness and social interactions. While there are short-term benefits, frequent usage also has long-term drawbacks. 

A significant complication of Kratom usage is constipation, according to Healthline. As a result, defecation may occur due to less frequent and more painful bowel movements. Even though this isn’t usually life-threatening, it may be a nuisance for those suffering from it.

Kratom’s Prolonged Effects

Tolerant long-term users, regardless of whether they are in Southeast Asia or the West, are said to need more significant dosages of kratom to get the same benefits. 

Over time, some people who have used drugs for an extended period acquire a compulsive tendency that makes it difficult for them to quit, even while their usage is causing them pain or negatively impacting their lives.

As a result of long-term usage, kratom users may experience anorexia and a lack of appetite, as well as severe weight loss. Due to significant weight loss, anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder restricting calorie intake. 

An individual’s health might be put at risk, and it could even be fatal.

Other side effects of kratom usage include sleeplessness and hyperpigmentation of the cheeks, which happens when skin regions grow darker than the typical color of other places. 

Additionally, Kratom users have reported feeling nauseous, sweaty, and itchy after ingesting it.

Kratom’s side effects have not been thoroughly examined. Therefore the actual degree of long-term, regular usage is not entirely understood. 

Several nations have outlawed the substance because of its addiction potential, highlighting the dangers of long-term usage.

Kratom Overdose: Is It Possible?

Overdosing on Kratom is possible. Kratom abuse persists even though it is less prevalent than other opioids.

Several fatalities have been related to Kratom usage, even though other narcotics were taken with Kratom in some instances.

Overdosing on Kratom: How Much Is Enough?

A kratom overdose is hazardous since nothing is known about the proper dosage. There are several varieties of Kratom (like a weed).

The effects of each strain vary somewhat, with some being greater than others.

Doses of Kratom may vary widely based on a person’s age, gender, and overall health.

The effects of a drug may be influenced by various factors, including the strain and route of administration. The powdered version is often taken in doses ranging from 3 to 9 grams.

Make careful to follow the dosing instructions on the product packaging or contact your doctor before using it.

Avoiding Kratom’s Unwanted Effects

According to media reports, Kratom is harmless and has no harmful side effects. Even though further study is still required for public assurance, thousands of users’ testimonies have already verified the plant is safe when used in moderation.

Even in tiny amounts, Kratom may have a variety of favorable impacts on the human body and brain.

That being said, it’s vital to keep in mind that your body will grow more used to Kratom with time, and you may need to raise your dosage to reap the same advantages. 

If your tolerance begins to rise, you should take the time to investigate strains that are comparable and make a short-term switch.


Kratom’s side effects are a real issue for all users, new or old. A few weeks of using this herb will have familiarized you with its side effects. 

Media representations of Kratom have led many to believe that the plant is dangerous and that the benefits you’ve seen thus far are attributable to its use at your own risk.

Despite its many advantages and side effects being mild compared to pain medicine and other treatments, Kratom remains contentious in the United States.  

As a responsible consumer, the most significant thing you can do is help spread the word about the benefits of Kratom and make it more widely available to people in need.

Consuming Kratom in moderation is the best method to develop the plant’s reputation and many advantages without experiencing any adverse side effects. 

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