Red flags of accident attorneys in Vegas

No one wants to spend time at an attorney’s office. However, when you have suffered injuries in a freak car accident in Las Vegas because of someone’s disregard for safety, you have to lawyer up. While hiring an attorney is not legally necessary to file an injury claim, it could be the most critical step for winning a fair and acceptable settlement. If you are hiring car accident attorney in Vegas for the first time, keep an eye for the red flags mentioned below. 

1 – You had a hard time getting an appointment

Lawyers know that there is limited time to take action and gather evidence after a car accident. Whenever there is a query, they swing into action immediately. You can expect a short conversation on the phone and an appointment in person. If the lawyer’s office was not responsive, or you had a hard time getting a date for your meeting, you have reasons to look for other options. 

2 – The lawyer makes inflated promises

While experienced attorneys can absolutely share an overview of the case and what you can possibly expect in a settlement, they cannot ever guarantee an outcome. That’s because a considerable of factors and aspects of car accident claims are beyond their control. If a lawyer says something that is too good to be true, it probably is. 

3 – The lawyer asks for an upfront fee or an hourly rate

PI lawyers in Vegas usually work on a contingency fee. If an attorney demands a fee to meet you or insists on an hourly rate, it is a clear red flag. You shouldn’t have to pay an attorney until you win. However, if there are court costs and investigation expenses, the client is expected to pay for the same. 

4 – The lawyer insists on a contract right away

You should get into action and work on your car accident case immediately. However, don’t let an attorney pressure you into signing a contract with them. If the lawyer is in a rush or doesn’t answer your questions, they probably don’t care about your case. 

5- The lawyer has too many bad reviews

If you find too many bad reviews about an attorney, you should definitely look for other options. References are always handy for sure, but independent reviews posted on Google by other clients can help you understand a lawyer’s popularity better. 

Don’t shy away from asking about these reviews when you meet a lawyer.