Reasons Why You May Face Denial of Workers’ Compensation Claim

A lot of compensation claims are rejected every day. There are various factors responsible for it. However, experiencing rejection for compensation can be extremely stressful as the injury can have a devastating impact on the emotional and financial conditions of the affected individuals. The denial can lead to a waste of money and time and aggravate the conditions of injured employees. If you are preparing to file a case for workers’ compensation in the event of workplace injury, make sure to hire a Newport News workers’ compensation lawyer

Here are two of the most common causes behind the denial of workers’ compensation claims

  • Missing deadlines

According to the statute of limitations Specified for Worker’s Compensation cases, the injured victim must file a claim thestarsfact within one year starting from the day of injury or loss of treatment by the doctor. Often, the injured employees lack adequate information about it. As a result, the injured victims can phase unfavorable outcomes. Missing deadlines have a detrimental impact on the result of your claim. It is necessary to keep in mind that once the claim is filed and received by the insurance provider, the insurance company takes around 90 days to investigate the claim. These 90 days provide around $10,000 of medical benefits to the injured victims.

  • Lack of substantial proof

In order to have a successful claim for worker’s Compensation, it is necessary to demonstrate The events which took place on the day of the injury. It is necessary to showcase all the important details to the insurance company regarding the injury experienced by the employer. A lot of injured victims lack substantial truths to get the claim excepted. The lack of proof can be unfavorable. If you are experiencing a similar situation, make sure to consult a legal professional immediately. A worker’s Compensation attorney can help in providing the necessary guidance so that you can collect all the necessary evidence for getting your claim accepted. 

Contact a workers’ compensation lawyer. 

Worker’s Compensation claim has a huge influence on your financial condition as well as your family. Knowing all the required information and evidence is necessary to have a better chance of claim approval. Make sure to hire a lawyer immediately so that you do not experience a claim denial due to the above reasons. An efficient lawyer ensures that their clients get the urdughr desired outcome with the help of their expertise and guidance.