Read To Know How Tactile Indicators Can Help Visually Impaired People

People who are visually impaired or blind may find navigating public spaces quite difficult as they may be quite unfamiliar with the presence of various obstacles that could be present in the path.

Therefore, TGSI (Tactile Ground Surface Indicators), which is a kind of tool that has been intended to help people who are visually impaired so that it can help them to navigate public spaces in a safe and easy manner.

These TGSIs can enable people to properly identify the pattern of the path so that they may get used to such areas and can easily navigate their path through which it will be possible for them to travel with ease.

Most of these TGSIs are used in those areas that are commonly denoted to as ‘dangerous’ e.g., wharves, ferry terminals, bus stops, train stations, rail depots, all these places are usually considered hazardous particularly for any blind person to navigate through.

OLEJÁR is a manufacturer of aluminium guiding strips that offers complete safety solutions and supply its products/services to various countries all over the world and can adapt to individual standards and norms.

Steel tactile indicators

These tactile indicators and plates can be found in many more locations than what we can count in various communities and other public spaces. Brightly coloured tiles having bumps and textures are quite common. However, most individuals are totally unaware of the purpose of all such indicators.

Such customised indicators and plates are designed for making it easier for any visually impaired people to navigate public spaces. However, it is the speed with which all these indicators for tactile ground surface, indications for stainless steel tactile are installed that can set them apart.

This makes them conveniently available to anyone who needs quick flooring fix or anything special installed that any disabled person can easily utilise.

Customisable tactile plates and indicators

Tactile indicators and plates come in many sizes and shapes, making things much easy and convenient for people because they have so many alternatives and choices to select from. They are simply adaptable and flexible, making them simple to install and also remove if ever any need arises or in case the situation dictates that the plates are to be relocated.

Directional tactile

There are a few directional tactile available that is used for guiding those visually impaired people to walk through an absolutely safe path. These directional pointers will be installed as a long rectangular strip upon the surface of the floor. Such directional tactile can regularly be used in various public transport areas as well as for street crossing areas.

Warning Tactiles

These warning tactile can always alert those people who are blind or visually impaired to any hazard or obstacle that may stand in their way. Steps, stairs, escalators, wharves, and ramps use various warning tactile for protecting people who are visually impaired from any dangerous obstacles.

OLEJÁR works to make your community and public spaces more accessible and welcoming to those who are blind or visually impaired. With their efforts, they can turn the world into a better place by making local construction sites, and businesses safer for any visually impaired.