Marketing Automation to Better Optimize Your Business

In the era where technology is prevalent and everything is fast-paced, businesses have no other option but to adapt. This is especially true if the company wants to grow and outlast competitors. One business aspect where technology brings significance is marketing.

Over the past years, we have seen the rise of digital marketing. It was proven to be more effective and efficient than the traditional marketing that we knew. Of course, the rise of the internet and social media contributed a lot to digital marketing’s success. 

However, in the most recent years, a new marketing innovation was introduced, namely marketing automation. But what is it and how can this innovation help in today’s digital marketing? In this article, we’re meant to find out.

Marketing Automation: What Is it Meant to Do?

Marketing automation is the act or process of using specific software or tools to automate repetitive marketing tasks. It also aims to provide a personalized user and customer experience to a business’s target audience.

By using automation tools in marketing, businesses will earn the privilege of saving time and effort, directing it to other important aspects of the business itself. These automation tools will also provide better performance tracking insights with the help of marketing reports the software generates. Thus, making life easier for all the marketers out there.

Importance of Automation Tools to Businesses

The main priorities of most companies revolve around two things: generating new leads and keeping existing customers engaged. Aiming toward these goals will assure that any business will gain profit. But then again, it’s easier said than done.

However, automation software helped a lot in achieving these goals. In fact, 91% of digital marketers attributed their success to marketing automation. This is because marketing automation brings in chunks of unfiltered data for the company to use to their benefit. This data is often called big data, which you will be able to gather through web scraping.

Business Web Scraping: Benefits and Risks

Web scraping allows enterprises to gather data from their target market and then use it to keep them engaged in their business. Having a deeper analysis of the said data will also allow businesses to generate new leads.

However, web scraping can leave your business exposed if not done properly. You have to protect the information you have while gathering new ones. You must also be careful not to expose sensitive or confidential company files.

For web scraping and marketing automation to work in peace, you have to make sure that you are using static residential proxies. Proxies mask your IP address, eliminating the company’s risk to hackers and scammers. It then allows you to tap into millions of devices that could help you gather data safely. Proxies also allow you to target a specific location for data scraping.

Marketing Automation Tools and Business Optimization

Marketing automation tools and proxy servers can do wonders when working together. They assure that you keep your business afloat and safe when browsing and gathering internet data. But how can you maximize their potential and better optimize your business?

1.Choosing the Right Automation Software and Tools

In this article, we have already established that automation tools are important. However, there are a lot of available marketing automation tools in the market. Thus, you must know how to choose the best one for your business.

Analyzing the needs of your business is one way to go. It will help you know the specifications of the tool that you need to look for. You must also consider the size of your company and how many people will use the tool. This also applies when picking a proxy server provider for your company.

2. Identifying the Right Tasks and Activities

It is true that optimization will make everyone’s life easier. However, not all tasks should be automated, even if you can do so. Automating all your tasks will significantly deteriorate the user’s experience and engagement with your business.

For instance, it is not smart to automate every live chat response. Yes, you can automate the first few chats to generally know more about the inquiry, but you cannot hold that for so long. It will only make the users disappointed and frustrated with your business, hurting the brand you worked so hard for.

3. Effectively Training Your Marketing Team

Let’s admit that not everyone can easily adapt and learn new marketing automation tools. That is why, as a business, it is important for you to provide proper training to your team.

Giving out seminars on how to efficiently use new marketing software will save them from a lot of stress and errors. In return, they could focus on other tasks, assuring that you get the best quality service from them.  

4. Religiously Tracking Results

Purchasing marketing automation tools and training your team on how to efficiently use them is not the end. As a business owner, you must always track the fruit of all your efforts. This will allow you to know where to adjust and what to do next.

Tracking the results of your marketing efforts will also allow you to see if the automation software is beneficial to you. If not, you must try to figure out where it all fell apart and how can you adjust to make it work.

5. Regularly Updating Existing Marketing Strategies

It is a given that technology releases new tools fast. The same goes for how consumer patterns change. Thus, it is only fair that your company’s marketing strategy will ride the tide. Because if not, your business will remain stagnant and will sink later on.

Updating your existing marketing strategies based on the consumer data you gathered is necessary. This will allow the business to stay afloat, even when technology and consumers change. It will also be beneficial for your business’s growth as it will provide more insights for improvement and customer satisfaction.


Technology has changed consumer patterns. Thus, businesses must adapt for them to survive. Although it’s never an easy task, help from marketing automation tools and proxy servers are available. The only thing left to decide on is how you can maximize their use to optimize and grow your business.