Living Room Plants to Dress Up Your Space

Plants add a bit of personality and panache to your space. Irrespective of your experience with indoor plants, you should consider pepping up your living room with plants. Don’t worry yourself if you lack enough lighting or space. You can always use grow lights or indoor grow tents to nurture big beautiful plants. Consider sprucing up your living room with the following plants.

Bird of Paradise

The plant fills your living room with its mystic orange flowers. The flowers give your living room a lurid tropical vibe when placed behind a white or beige backdrop,

Areca Palm

The feathery plant brings life and elegance to a rather dull living room with its luscious and tall stature. The plant thrives if they face west or south-facing windows.

Monstera Deliciosa

The ever discernable and green leaves of the Monstera deliciosa make a living room look stunning. Neutral backgrounds complement the flowery leaves and give the living room a grander feel.

Peace Lily

Peace lily brings gracefulness, tranquility, and a breath of fresh air to your living room. The spooned-shaped flower works with any theme you pick for your living room. What’s more, peace lilies retain their richness with little maintenance.


You can easily nurture a pleasantly rich philodendron with little experience. You can let the plant drape around a bookshelf or on a bare bright wall. There is nothing wrong with trimming and containing it on a planter.


The exotic plant adds an enviable tropical feel to your living room. Once they flower, they produce bright colored flowers that last for weeks. The plant is a conversation starter. The plant needs lots of sunlight. Let the anthurium dramatize your living room by placing it next to a large window.

So, How do you grow healthy living room plants?

Whether you want to grow and care for a few or a jungle of living room plants, starting from the right footing will help you grow a luscious jungle of indoor plants. Fill your living room with striking beauty and color by giving a thought to the following tips. If your house needs a little bit of remodeling in order for you to build your garden fantasy then work together with a professional home remodeling contractor to implement your design.

Invest in an indoor grow tent

Nothing intimates irresponsibility as a withered plant in your living room. Indoor grow tents provide a perfect environment for your house plants. They give your plants enough lighting conditions, seals odors, and don’t take too much space. Besides, it comes in handy during the winter. A 4×4 indoor grow tent would be a great place to start. The 4×4 indoor grow tent can easily fit into any space. It holds up to 16 small-sized plants or 9 large-sized plants. The 4×4 indoor grow tent allows a square foot per plant spacing, giving your plants enough room to flourish.


All Plants including indoor plants need sunlight to process their food. Some house plants thrive in low lighting conditions while others require direct sunlight. Nonetheless, low-light plants may grow weak and shriveled plants if they don’t get enough light. If you have plants that require a ton of direct sunlight, place them next to south-facing windows. Place low-light plants next to north-facing windows.

Give your plants just enough amount of water

Most plants get damaged or killed because of too much or inadequate watering. Lack of enough water causes wilting and browning of leaves. Too much water, on the other hand, causes black or yellowish leaves and makes your plants prone to disease and bruising. Let the soil guide you. Before watering your plants check whether the soil is dried up by digging your finger into the soil.

Feed your plants

House plants grow well if fed every now and then. Use complete fertilizer to provide the plants with all the necessary nutrients

Humidify your plants

If you have house plants originating from tropical climates, you will have to humidify them. Mist the plants a few times a day. You can also put a saucer filled with water and pebbles beside the plants or simply group them to create a microclimate.

Groom your plants

Keeping the plants neat gives them room to grow into beautiful and healthy plants.


The best house plants are those you plant and watch them grow. Instead of nurturing a graveyard of plants, turn your space into a beautiful and refreshing space by showing some tender love and care to your plants.

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