Jackets and Tshirts are Great for Promotional Material

When it comes to garments being used as promotional material, two great choices are tshirts and jacket printing. As well as being able to screen printed jackets and tshirts you could also consider adding embroidered logos, brands, lettering or what you need as well. Embroidery lifts an item of clothing and makes it stand out more. You pay by stitch so if you are smart about how large the image or design is you can get something affordable and still very effective. Really any type of jacket or shirt can have printing or embroidery on it for promotional purposes. Previously, jackets with low heat resistance couldn’t be printed on due to their low heat resistance, but improved printing methods, such as direct to garment printing (DTG), can now allow this.

Hoodies are a popular printed item

One of the most popular jackets people wear now around the globe is hoodies. Some hoodies do not have zips and you put them on like a sweater but they have a hood. Some are more jacket-like with the zip and hood. The hood can protect from wind or light rain, help keep you warm and nearly always have some kind of printing on them. A lot of colleges, sports teams, brands and more sell their own hoodies. It is easy to get a basic hoody as you would get a basic t-shirt for cool t shirts Singapore and then choose what you want printed on it, or even have some small amount of embroidery if you want. Hoodies are something people hold onto, they wear them all year round and when they are out doing errands, shopping, heading to the gym and more.

Fleece jackets

The fleece jacket is also a very popular jacket style across many different continents. You can get fleece jackets for employees that work outside for part or all of their job. Putting in some printing or embroidery means they are easily identifiable and are promoting the business whenever they put on the jacket. There are lots of different styles you can choose from. If you are planning a business adventure out in the countryside for team building get them each a fleece jacket so they stay warm and promote who they work for!

Reflective jackets and vests

Another jacket you might want to consider adding your business name, phone number and logo to are the reflective types some of your employees might need to wear for health and safety reasons.

Thinking about materials

It is worth noting that when considering options for jacket printing you need to think carefully about the materials they are made from. Most jackets rely on polyester and nylon because they are waterproof, something most people want from their jacket. But you can get other options. You also need to think about how breathable the fabrics are, how warm they are, whether they need a lining or not, so you choose the right jacket people will wear as well as thinking about what to print on them.


Whether you are planning on cool t shirts Singapore or some great jackets you can use garments as a great affordable method for advertising and promotions.