How to Choose Oversized Sunglasses for Men?

Oversized sunglasses have been around for decades. In the past, they were associated with nerdy, bookish-type people, but that has since been changed. They are now trending like never before. From celebrities and starlets to a next-door guy, everyone has hopped on the big sunglasses bandwagon. 

The reason behind this is, they go well with almost all types of faces. However, they are trendy among large face-shaped people. 

It hardly matters if they are oversized men’s sunglasses or women’s eyewear, large frames add a stylish and classy touch to the wearer’s appearance. Plus, they offer the most protection from the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays.

Of course, bigger is better, but the question is, how big should your oversized sunglasses be? Well, to be counted in this category, the sunglasses need to be larger than the traditional counterpart. 

They are available in many different types of frame thicknesses and sizes, allowing you to pick the best one that suits you. No doubt these styles of glasses look stunning, provided you have chosen the right pair carefully. 

Buying sunglasses with a good fit is just like buying clothes that give you proper fitting. Therefore, to give you ease, here are a few simple tips on choosing oversized sunglasses. Read on!

Tips for choosing the right pair of oversized sunglasses

Oversized does not mean too big

No matter how stylish these eyewear look, they will look unflattering if they are too big and can even compromise your vision and comfort. Oversized glasses need not be disproportional concerning the rest of your face. 

Therefore, when buying a pair of glasses, check the placement of your pupil. They should be positioned behind the center of the lenses. Plus, your eyebrows should peek through the top of the frame and enhance your overall look. 

Look for properly fitted nose pads or bridges

These sunglasses are heavier and often exert unwanted pressure on the temples and nose bridge. This is a common problem people encounter with oversized sunglasses. 

So when buying a pair for yourself, make sure the nose pads of the glasses properly sit on a flattering part of the face right where they do not touch the cheekbones; otherwise, it can cause you marks on the nose bridge and under the eye and may slip as well. 

The best way to find out whether the glasses are a proper fit or not is to wear them and smile. When smiling, if you notice your cheeks touching the lenses they most probably won’t be the right pair of sunglasses for you.

Choose a shape that suits you.

Remember, the sunglasses you are wearing should not dominate your face. Select a style and size of frame that compliments your face shape. You can consider buying rectangular or square frames if you have a round face. 

Or, if you have an angular face, simply go for oval or round-shaped frames. Sunglasses are supposed to accentuate your personality, not overwhelm your face.

Arm positioning

Ensure that the sunglasses’ arms sit comfortably over your ears; if not, the glasses are too small or too big for you. The arms of your glasses should not be too tight or too loose on your face. Men with larger features and women with small and thin faces often face this issue. So be careful when making your selection.

Sunglasses are must-have accessories for both men and women. They are versatile, fashionable and come in countless styling options. Men’s sunglasses give a perfect final touch to complete your formal attire and are as essential as a pair of shiny, polished shoes. 

So if you still don’t have one, go for it! Keep the above-mentioned things in mind and find a perfect-fitting pair of sunglasses for yourself.

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