Since it is the most popular hockey league in the world, understanding how to bet on the NHL is a useful starting point for hockey betting. Here is Pinnacle’s guide to the NHL markets, where you can use statistical information to make your predictions and how to determine value in the Ufabet market.


Pinnacle offers many markets for every NHL match, including:

  • Money Line: This is a bet on which team you think will win the match.
  • Handicap: This is a bet on whether a team wins the match with a specified handicap. For example, if you bet on the Tampa Bay Lightning with a handicap of -2.5, they must win the match by three or more goals for the bet to win. If you bet on them with a handicap of +2.5, the bet will be winning if they do not lose by three or more goals.
  • Total Goals: This is a bet on whether the total number of goals in a match will be over or under the specified number.
  • Team Total Goals: This is a bet on whether a specific team will score over or under a specified number of goals during a match.

Since NHL matches are made up of three periods of 20 minutes each, Pinnacle often offers period markets for a specific period of a match as well. Pinnacle also offer   Overtime Included versions of these markets listed above, which means the rate applies to the entire match plus overtime if required.

Pinnacle also offers the following markets for the 2021/22 NHL season:

  • Futures: Bets on which team will win the Stanley Cup, as well as bets on which teams will win the Eastern and Western Conferences and each of the Atlantic, Central, Metropolitan and Pacific Divisions.
  • Regular Season Points: Bets on whether the specified team will score over or under a specified number of points during the regular season.


The assessment of the strength of an NHL team involves an analysis of its entire composition, but perhaps the most important analysis is the analysis of the goalkeeper. Unlike other sports such as football and basketball, in which the attacking players considered the most capable of deciding the outcome, the goalkeeper is considered the most important position in ice hockey.

Indeed, teams often win and lose games based solely on the play of their goalkeeper. This means that are obvious things to look out for before the match, such as whether the team’s starting goalkeeper injured or is resting. If a team plays matches on consecutive days, it is not uncommon for a team to put up a different goalkeeper for each match.

It is also important to assess how aggressively the defenders of the NHL team are. The more aggressive the defense is, the more they will be inclined to break free and push forward, creating goal opportunities, which means that the team will have more chances to score and concede goals.

In addition to this, you must view the statistics of the team’s goals and line assistants. Some NHL teams will have multiple players with similar performances on this front, which means they have more room to change rosters throughout the season. Others will have players leading their goals and help out on the charts by a wide margin, indicating they are being relied on to lead their attack.

From a tactical point of view, it is also important to consider the concept of “lines” or attackers playing in a group. This is a key point in บาคาร่าออนไลน์ as you never bet on one player to score but on different combinations within a team. Perhaps most important is the team’s “control line”, which comprises more defensive-oriented attackers (usually the third line in a formation) who try to prevent the opponent’s line of defense from moving forward.

Lines can be violated during a power play when there are fewer skaters on the team due to one of their players entering the penalty area due to a violation. The opposing team may then try to benefit. However, some teams are more adept at exploiting these situations, and NHL research shows that some individual players are more dangerous than others when playing power play.


In addition to doing this research, it is also important to keep up to date with the latest information, such as injury news, changes in coaching, and preliminary rumors. As with any other sport, the ability to be among the first to react to such information will naturally increase chances of making a profit in the market. Many online resources can help you with this task:

  • NHL: The official NHL website provides detailed statistics and matches details and team-specific news, videos, and more.
  • @NHLPlayerSafety: This is an NHL-operated Twitter account that provides timely information on which players have been suspended, for what, and long.
  • @IneffectiveMath: This Twitter account covers data visualization and math for the NHL, which means it’s a must for anyone who likes to use statistics to make predictions.
  • @PierreVLeBrun: Pierre LeBrun is a senior NHL columnist at The Atlantic and is respected for his insightful analysis, especially drafting and trading.


It’s important to remember that while you can do extensive research before any NHL match, things won’t always go according to plan. A prime example of this was the 2012 Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins playoff series.

That year, the average number of goals per game was 5.32, and the average number of penalty minutes per game was 11.21. However, in the first four games of the series, the scored an average of 11.25 goals and only 70.5 penalty minutes. It caught the attention of both players and bookmakers, demonstrating how dynamic and unpredictable the NHL can be.

While informing your predictions as much as possible is inherently beneficial, there are no simple strategies or ideal formulas for  แทงบอลออนไลน์. In today’s NHL markets, the odds of a match are much closer than before, which means you need to work harder than ever to find profit opportunities.

However, this does not mean that there is no incentive for this, and it is worth remembering that the NHL is a league in which the supposedly strongest teams often lose. The Colorado Avalanche had a regular-season best last season but still lost 13 games, while future Stanley Cup champions Tampa Bay Lightning have lost 17 regular-season losses.