How Influencers Can Help Your Business Goals

It’s the second most logged-in app every day after Facebook. With the way that Instagram is visually attractive Instagram is. It’s no surprise that it’s also the app that is most well-known in the world of marketing that is based on influencers. With as high as eighty per cent of Instagram users discovering new products or services via Instagram it’s becoming increasingly apparent that businesses need to think about Instagram for the future option to launch their marketing campaigns.

Let’s review the ways social media influencers can aid your company in reaching its goals this year.

What do you consider Instagram influencers to be?

Instagram influencers are exactly what you’d expect them to be – social media influencers whose primary marketing platform is Instagram. It’s common for them to have followers who are loyal enough to different platforms. So make certain to keep this in mind.

Social media influencers are different from famous people, which is why there is a surge in this space and a decline in endorsements from famous people in the past few years. Celebrities have an enormous number of followers since they have a huge following beyond social media. However, influencers are the ordinary people who have gained followers through their posts on applications like Instagram.

Influencers are more likely to gain followers because of their experience and knowledge of a subject where they are amazed by and desire to know more about. For instance, those who are keen on fashion are more likely to follow influencers that provide tips and recommendations on trends in fashion, stylistic advice as well as fashion trends. Anyone who is looking to cook should follow influencers who publish amazing recipes, cooking tips and shopping tips.

Finding influencers

If your company is considering developing an entirely new marketing strategy utilizing the social network, we’d recommend to consider engaging with influencers. With the majority of marketers agreeing that the return on investment of influencer advertising campaigns are equal or better than other methods for marketing , it’s definitely worth looking into.

If you’re trying to find famous users who are influential on Instagram the process can become complicated. But, don’t worry – Heepsy can help you out. We suggest using Heepsy’s influencer marketing platform to locate influencers quickly, and avoid using too much of your time with social platforms. You can search for TikTok creators on TikTok or Twitch streamers on Twitch, however searching for the influencer marketing platform has far more advantages. It’s possible to do that, the most effective start is to go through your personal followers to see if they are any influencers interested in your business. However, it could take some time and, with the variety of filters that you can use using Heepsy, you’ll be able to identify the right influencer in a matter of minutes!

You can observe that by making use of one or more influencer marketing platforms such as Heepsy It is possible to find Influencers who are on Instagram by typing in their age, gender, where they reside and many more! You can also determine the authenticity of the profile of the influencers with the numerous analysis available. This includes determining the preferences of their followers as well as their authenticity.

What should you be looking for?

Finding influencers is easy with an influencer marketing platform. But , regardless of whether you are searching by yourself or using a platform, there are some rules to remember.

Follower growth refers to the growth or decline in an influencer’s followers count. Be aware the slow, steady approach is the best way to win! If there’s an abrupt increase in the quantity of fans, it could be an indication of suspicious behaviour.

Engagement rates are crucial for ensuring that the followers are engaged with your influencers post. The high engagement rate indicates that there is an established trust relationship with the influencer and his followers in the event that they trust their content, and there is a high level of interaction due to attraction. Be cautious of high engagement rates which may suggest that you’ve purchased the likes or comments. Be aware of very low engagement levels, since people might not have an interest in reading good content.

A platform like Heepsy lets you examine several factors that impact the authenticity of the profile of an influencer. You must make sure that the influencer’s followers’ places of residence and interests align with the intended audience. You can also look back at previous relationships with brands to know details about brands that they would like to collaborate with.

Instagram media types

Once you’ve identified influencers who are in alignment with the target audience of your campaign and company It’s important to consider the type of content you’ll want to publish. Alongside Instagram being visually stunning and entertaining, it’s highly sought-after for marketing due to the numerous types of media you’ll discover. Therefore, you can pick the most suitable one for your brand or product, as well as your budget and your viewers.

Posts are the most popular media format used on Instagram that is usually the most expensive form of advertising by influencers. Posts are saved on the profile of an account for a period of time and are likely to reach the highest number of users. Posts can be labeled with locations as well as multi-photo videos that take forms of cars, and tags on products taken from your catalog.

Stories are a great alternative to Stories that cost less. They will be available by users up to 24 hours before getting removed from an influencer’s profile unless they are included in the highlight section. They also allow location, account tags for products as well as an option to swipe upwards, which leads users to your site to conduct business or to a specific product.

IG Live is much more modern than Instagram. It’s of course live! This means that users have the ability to interact by engaging with the posts of influencers because they believe that they are authentic in their style. Influencers are able to answer questions during live unboxings and provide an honest assessment of the products they review.

IGTV is the place where influencers can upload videos that are longer and can be added to their posts. This is especially useful when products need more in-depth explanations or complete tutorials. For example, fitness-related influencers might want to post a complete yoga video tutorial on IGTV with a brand new mat made by an affiliate brand.

Reels is the newest feature to be added to Instagram. The feature is Instagram’s main competition to TikTok which has short videos that can be extremely edited using various effects and music. It has been in great demand in the marketplace for influencer marketing. influencers can post videos that are short, step-by guide to cooking, a before and post makeup look or even a quick trailer for the product.


In the end regardless of the type of content or media you select, Influencer marketing is certainly worth it in 2021. Because the market is growing at a rapid rate, you’ll have to get involved with your company sooner rather than later. Keep in mind that Heespy can assist and make the process straightforward!