Hotel Guests and Their Basic Demands in A Room – Some Tips for You

You may have traveled very far and are completely tired from the journey. You have booked a hotel room and already checked in to the new place. When you enter the hotel room, you will expect many facilities in the hotel room, since you have paid hundreds of dollars for it.

Be it a business trip or a casual trip or even a romantic getaway, you will surely like some services from the hotel during your stay. Apart from a comfortable best soft mattress to sleep on, here are some of the things that the guests expect in a hotel room.

A place to Put the Luggage

After the tiring traveling hours and dragging their luggage to the hotel room, guests will first look for a place to just place their luggage. They do not like it when they have to avoid stomping on the suitcase every time they move around the room towards the couch or washroom area or even the armchair.

A particular area to place the luggage in the hotel room is a must so that the guests can safely place their belongings a place. Even though it is not a big gesture, every small gesture can make a great difference in the reviews section by the guests.

Sound Proofed Walls

Silence and privacy are important for almost all guests today. Some of the guests might have traveled from faraway places and would like it when they get to sleep for longer hours. This can be possible only if there is no sound or noise to disturb them.

The noise from the adjacent rooms, floors, or even the outside areas will make your guests feel agitated. This is normally reflected in the review section of your hotel. Hence, soundproofing the rooms is an ideal choice.

Windows with Blackout Treatment

Sleeping in a room that is well lit because of the sun’s rays will damage the oversleeping habits of your guests. With the help of the blackout window option, you can let your guests enjoy a sense of dark and silent ambiance during their sleeping hours. This is an ideal option for the guests who have traveled throughout the night hours and prefer sleeping for longer hours during the day.

Welcoming Interior Décor

A hotel room does not just mean comfortable and long-lasting mattresses. It also includes a welcoming ambiance that includes luxury amenities, calm colored décor, best lighting, and so on. 

Hygiene is another factor that you should give importance to when preparing your hotel rooms for the guests. Clean linens, dust-free zone, refilled shampoo and conditioner bottles, fresh soaps and towels and other such toiletries will reflect positively in the hotel reviews.

Technology with Easy-to-Use Option

To make any room a high-tech end room, many hoteliers end up making the technology operation quite complicated for their guests. Even though you add some best quality and high-tech equipment to the room, some guests prefer switching the lights on and off with the help of switches and not with the help of a remote. Hence, keep everything simple and easy to use.

Some Basic Amenities

Apart from the luxury needs, the guests prefer some of the basic needs in their rooms. Such basic amenities include washroom accessories, a mini-bar, room refreshments, and so on.

The other added requirements include a Wi-Fi facility, complimentary water, a place to safely store laptops and iPads and other such costly gadgets, a clock, some reading materials, an iron board, a brochure with the nearby places to visit, and also the restaurants that serve the best quality and tasty food and beverages and so on.

Hotel Service

Hotel service is something that can either make the guests stay for a few more days or chase them away to another hotel. Hotel room service should deliver hot and cold food items whenever requested by the guests, and should also provide a place to get the photocopies of the required documents when in urgent need.

The important factor to understand is that every hotel should have easy to access medical facilities when in need. Overall, the best hotel that offers top-class facilities will become the top listed names of the guests, when in the locality the next time. Hence, plan accordingly and come up with the best customer service and try to fulfill all the needs of the guests.