Facts About The Morning And Evening Desert Safari Dubai:

In the entire world, too many people love traveling and want to visit various countries. For them, Dubai city is considered the best place to visit. In Dubai, you will find too many luxury places to visit. You can explore the shopping malls, city culture, nightlife, and others. But in Dubai, the most famous and well-known is the desert safari. The dune bashing, quad biking, hot air balloon, exploring wildlife, and other activities you can perform. But here you will find different tour packages for different times.

Desert Safari:

However, there are too many facts that you should know about the morning and evening Dubai Desert Safari. This place steals the heart of every tourist because of its famous activities. Dubai desert safari is an eventful place where you can enjoy various activities. The morning, evening, and overnight desert safari that you can visit. We will tell you some exciting facts about morning and evening desert safari Dubai.

Morning and evening desert safari Dubai:

You will find different desert safaris, including the morning, evening, and overnight safari. However, most people like the morning and evening Dubai desert safari. Both these are more famous than the overnight safari, and you can select one of them.

Interesting facts about the morning desert safari Dubai:

There are too many facts that you should know about the morning desert safari. But the most interesting facts about this safari include:

Sun Rays:

The first and most beautiful thing that you will experience is the sunrise. The sun’s golden rays make the desert sand more attractive, and they shine like stars. However, you can capture this moment in your high-quality camera.

Experience the bumpy camel ride:

Do you think the desert tour will be completed without the camel ride? The camel is the national animal of the Arabian desert. The ride of the camel allows you to explore the desert and experience how people travel on camels.

It is the best option for you if you want to experience the ride to feel fresh or spend time. But don’t forget to take some fantastic pictures at the time of the camel ride.

Dune bashing: experience the best activity

The next option for you in the desert safari Dubai is dune bashing. The dune bashing drive will drive the 4×4 vehicle with decreasing and increasing speed on the sands. However, the price of the dune bashing activity depends on the tour company. You can experience this activity for 20 to 30 minutes.

Quad bicycle ride:

You can experience the adventure ride of the quad bicycle. It is a four-wheel motorbike that provides you the opportunity to ride in the desert. With the help of the quad bike, you can easily explore the desert. Quad bike riding is considered one of the most exciting activities of the desert safari. Before riding the bike, the administrators will train and guide you on riding it. So, it is a safe and fun activity.

Sandboarding activity:

Sandboarding is another activity that you can perform in the Dubai desert safari. However, you have to go down to the sand on the particular board in this activity. It looks like snowboarding, but it is different. This activity will provide you with the best experience.

Hot air balloon ride:

You can experience the hot air balloon ride. With the help of this ride, you have the opportunity to enjoy a 360-degree view of the desert. The view with the help of a hot air balloon is more excellent and unique.

Interesting facts about the evening Dubai desert safari:

Above, we have mentioned the different facts about the morning desert safari. Now we will tell you some interesting facts about the evening desert safari.

Experience the nightfall:

The nightfall is considered the most favorite and enjoyable experience of all the visitors. You can see this moment in the evening desert safari Dubai. When the sun rises in the evening, it vanishes behind desert sand. At that time, the orange rays of the sun gave the sand an excellent appearance.

A night with the amusement:

Various amusement exercises are very famous, and these are used to improve the desert safari night. You will experience the different live entertainments like fire show, tanoura dance, and belly dance performance. Other than this, you can also get henna painting on your body parts.

Enjoy the delicious dinner:

There is nothing that beats the delicious dinner of the desert safari Dubai. You will get the Arabic cooking style dinner; it includes too many dishes, both veg, and non-veg. You can enjoy a delicious dinner with your friends and family members.


You are here, which means now you know the interesting facts of the morning and evening Desert Safari Dubai. Now it depends on you which desert safari you select for your tour.