Everything You Need to Know about Apartment Renovation


Have you ever entered your apartment and smelled that leaking water from the walls which creates fungi? Or have you seen footstep marks on the wooden floor of your apartment? Or have you felt that your door frames have gone loose? If you’ve realized those things, there’s high time you go for евроремонт of your apartment.

Now, there are a significant amount of people that have absolutely no idea when it comes to евро ремонт of their apartments. They have no idea how to approach it and whom to contact. The problem with that is that people start searching for companies that renovate apartments and end up giving a contract to some company that is not worth it at all.

If there’s one group or company that can resolve all your problems, it definitely NSD GROUP. They have been around for quite a while now and have expertise in евроремонт квартир. Now that you know whom to contact you should know a thing or two about the renovation of your apartment itself. So, in this article, we are going to explain just that. If that sounds interesting let’s take a deeper look into the matter.

The Fundamentals of Apartment Remodelling Services

  • the construction of a room where each family member will have a space of their own and where everyone will feel at ease
  • the utilisation of contemporary, health-safe materials
  • furniture that is appealing and ergonomic
  • communications infrastructure installed covertly; preference for eco-friendly products
  • getting the greatest amount of energy savings
  • development of smart technologies
  • the lack of items that take up space but are superfluous.

Three Main Types of Apartment Renovation

Knowing where to order an apartment renovation is not enough; you also need to know what kind of repair is required. There is no need to worry because our experts will help you handle this work and select the finest solution based on your needs, preferences, and budget.

There are various sorts of apartment renovations, including:

1) Cosmetic

Both newly constructed apartments and those that have undergone significant repairs and do not require the replacement of wiring, utilities, etc. can benefit from this renovation choice.

2) Renovation of the Middle-class

It is known as the “golden medium” and allows for the use of premium materials with an average pricing strategy. is the most popular of our services.

3) Exclusive Remodeling

The best construction and finishing materials are employed in its execution. Additionally, this repair enables the creation of a design project with complex interior components. Every element of such an interior is intended to highlight the homeowner’s uniqueness.

Major Things Required in a Renovation

Apartment renovations are a particular kind of construction service, distinguished by the interior’s originality, the lack of exposed pipes and wires beneath the floor, etc. A person who decides to arrange an apartment makeover wishes to eschew the conventional design approaches and layouts. A long list of tasks must be completed in order to bring the remodelling of an apartment to life, including:

removal, redevelopment of the property for proper zoning, radiator replacement and pipe painting, electrical installation, plumbing, floor installation, door lock installation, room cleaning, material entry, rubbish disposal, etc.