Don’t think you need another bong? Think again!

I have always avoided becoming like my buddy Steve, a guy who has several shelves full of ornate bongs he has accumulated since our teen years. Not all of them are all that fancy, with many of them being old things he cobbled together out of traction his parents’ house or in our apartment or dorm back in the day. He has attached some sort of sentimental value to these bongs, and I kind of get it.

Conversely, I have only had a few bongs at any given time, 2 or 3. If I saw one I really, really liked at a local bong shop, I would buy it, and I would replace one or 2 of them when they would break. Steve, despite his collection growing exponentially, has had a habit of being clumsy with bongs and breaking/chipping/cracking them just by looking at them the wrong way.

However, it occurred to me at some point not long ago that maybe I should have one more bong in my collection, one that I bring out when people like Steve visit or on days when I had a few drinks and then feeling particularly clumsy. And so, I looked around, not wanting to sacrifice a unique, beautiful piece made by a local glassblower. The ones that local bong shops were okay, but they tried to hard to seem like unique, locally-made pieces and therefore were just as fragile and hard to replace because of this mimicry.

In my search, it occurred to me that perhaps maybe manufacturing bongs in a similar way to things like lab and cooking equipment, with precision and simplified Pyrex glass would be a brilliant idea. Had I come up with something that would make me rich? Of course not, Intrepid designers in New Zealand, Australia and Europe came to this conclusion quite some time ago, and that’s why if you shop online, you can find excellent, precision bongs made this way. They look fantastic, but in a simplified, precision and futuristic way. They are easy to replace, and even the specific parts of it may be replaceable if you’re willing to order it given their very modular, easy-maintenance design.

These are very hard to break due to no decorative choices being made, but if they are, they are affordable and easy to replace. This is kind of like the cheap dishes that you bring out when you have less-special guests and it isn’t a special occasion.

And so, I did just that, and now I have a bong that doesn’t break easily, and that I am comfortable with Steve and others like him using. So, if you feel like your bong collection is too big and you really don’t need another, let me recommend that you shop for a bong like this, and get rid of the horrible plastic thing you might be using in the place of that. If you are interested, [company name] is your one-stop shop for ozbongs and other leading brands of these daily use devices!