ClickFunnel Pricing

Are you worried that there isn’t much traffic towards your business and hence you cannot hit the jackpot? You are doing everything right, but things still don’t seem to go your way? There are multiple factors and aspects that define the success and growth of your business. The most crucial factor is being able to attract enough customers and then assuring that they become your permanent client.

Understanding the statistics of customer traffic and marketing can be very confusing. It can take a lot of time, cost, and energy to determine how to divert people towards your product or service. To save you from all these headaches, ClickFunnels provides a platform where you can find the solution to all your problems. 

Rather than having different tools and software for various solutions like mostly traditional funnels do, ClickFunnels provides a unified dashboard. It contains all the necessary tools in one place, such as web analytics, order form, content management system, web host, and email auto responder. 

How can ClickFunnel impact my business?

Firstly, the primary aim is to facilitate the user. Instead of having to tackle and visit multiple pages to finally come up with the final draft, which can be confusing at most times, you can now find the solution to all these problems at one single station.

A famous and accurate saying states, “Do smart working, not hard-working.” In the same way, opt for the smarted solution. ClickFunnels allows its users to integrate the marketing and sale elements and deduce the best-suited sale funnels. The algorithms ensure that it directs the customers towards your site. Once you have everything handled and the sales funnel takes all your troubles for you, all you have to do is wait and watch for the results and profits. The ClickFunnels pricing packages can help you boost your business in no time.

Advantages and perks of using ClickFunnels

Easy to use and understand

People are mostly shifting from physical business to online platforms as the digital market progresses. The biggest problem while transitioning is that the online market is not as simple as the real-world market. The marketing methods, sales tactics, and customer traffic are entirely different. This can often cause problems for people who do not know the digital market.

The sales funnel addresses this problem. It contains proper guidance along with many automated systems that make everything easier for the user. You do not require tech-savvy to understand the functionalities; instead, anyone can use it. It is user-friendly and has an attractive, easy-to-use interface. 

Saves resources such as time and money

There are two resources that every business person or entrepreneur wants to save. Time is very crucial. Everyone wishes to build their empire as soon as possible to start paying off as profit against all the investment they have put forth. But this is not always the case. It takes a reasonable amount of time before you actually start understanding the business tricks. 

Secondly, every business requires an intelligent investment to flourish and grow. And the smart investment refers to the different packages available at various ClickFunnels pricing packages. Instead of searching for multiple templates and designs well suited for your business idea and then needing other utilities to complete and add features, you find everything in one roof with tons of pre-designed templates.

ClickFunnels Pricing Plans

There are three packages that ClickFunnel offers.

ClickFunnels Starters

  1. One user
  2. Three different domains
  3. Three Payment portals
  4. Twenty Funnels
  5. Hundred Landing pages
  6. Limited FunnelFlix
  7. Live chat support
  8. Only for $97.00 per month

Platinum Package

An upgraded version of the previous package is the Platinum package.

  1. Three users
  2. Nine different domains
  3. Nine Payment portals
  4. Unlimited number of funnels
  5. Unlimited number of landing pages
  6. Almost Unlimited number of FunnelFlix
  7. Priority support for Live chat support
  8. Unlimited Follow-up Funnels
  9. Provides backup facilities
  10. Segmentation
  11. Only for $297.00 per month

Two Comma Club X

  1. Ten users
  2. twenty-seven different domains
  3. Twenty-seven payment portals
  4. Unlimited number of funnels
  5. Unlimited number of landing pages
  6. Unlimited number of FunnelFlix
  7. Priority support and VIP phone support for Live chat support
  8. Unlimited Follow-up Funnels
  9. Provides backup facilities
  10. Segmentation
  11. Only for $2,497.00 per month

According to your requirement, you can opt for the best-suited package and start paving your way towards a more significant profit.

What facilities are provided in these packages?

All the mentioned functionalities are available in all the provided packages.

  1. Drag and Drop Editor
  2. Page Builder
  3. Tools for generating lists of emails
  4. Provides A/B testing
  5. Upsells and Downsells with just a click
  6. Forms for placing orders
  7. Statistical analysis of sales
  8. Option to share funnels
  9. Multiple connected domains
  10. FunnelFlix
  11. Forms of optin
  12. Pages in the member’s area
  13. Feature of Sticky cookie
  14. Pre-designed funnel templates
  15. Integration of payment portals

All these functionalities are provided at a single station, which is a big help to the business companies and entrepreneurs trying to boost their sales and mark their territory within the digital market.

A 14 day Free Trial.

ClickFunnel looks very attractive with all its features, but you are still unsure if this is the right platform for you to start with. Well, no worries because it provides a 14-day free trial version apart from the ClickFunnels pricing packages.

You can access all the book funnels, webinar funnels, product launch funnels and, high ticket funnels for free. Moreover, the FunnelFlix is also free. You can also get your hands on the funnel hacker forum. Other than this, you can access paid features as well in the trial period by paying for those features such as:

  • Product Secrets ($97) 
  • Secrets of the Funnel Builder ($1,997)
  • Add Skills ($498) 
  • Private Collection by Tony Robbins ($997)
  • $1,997 for 100+ Funnel Templates


It is also offering a discount on the Platinum ClickFunnels pricing package. If you go for the six-month package, you can save up to 44% of the total cost, which makes $785. On the other hand, if you opt for the yearly package, you can save up to 19% and get additional training.