Can Heart Health and ED Be Connect?

ED (or erectile dysfunction) is a common sexual health condition where men are unable to achieve or maintain an erection. This condition occurs at least once in the majority of men’s lives and is commonly associated with two primary causes – either a poor blood flow or a premature release of the PDE5 enzyme which cause the erection to subside. However, the fact that ED could be an early sign of poor blood flow could be an early indication of potential heart health issues. Read the following Pharmica article to find out more about the correlation and how to deal with the potential implications.

The Link

One of the key contributing factors that cause ED condition is the blood flow issues that are necessary to achieve and/or maintain an erection long enough to have sex. Therefore, heart health conditions such as increased blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, blocked or worn out arteries, as well as chronic heart health issues, could have a direct impact on increasing the risks of ED occurring.

Considering that blood flow issues account for some ED condition cases, it is important to identify the primary reasons why ED condition occurs. It could be related primarily to psychological concerns where stress, anxiety, depression and other mental pressures affect our abilities to perform in bed.

However, the majority of ED cases occur to physiological condition and their reasons. While some exceptions occur like surgeries or nerve damage, blood floor issues account for the majority of cases. Therefore, if one believes that their ED is caused by physiological reasons, it is important to ensure that the underlying reasons are not life-threatening.

Heart Disease Symptoms

Usually, heart diseases and concerns might not be as straightforward and easy to spot – a combination of various scenarios and symptoms in relation to each other could be an early sign of heart health concerns. These include.

  • Feeling Pain in Chest
  • Experiencing Constant Indigestion
  • Excessive Sweat Production, Accompanied By Chest Pains
  • Experiencing Pain In Left Arm Or Around Neck
  • Experiencing choking sensation in the throat

It is essential to ensure that if you are feeling any of these symptoms for long periods of time or feel like they are starting to become worse, it is really important to contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Treating ED Caused by Heart Health Issues

Usually, when it comes to treating ED that could be related to heart health, it is important to make necessary lifestyle adjustments like giving up smoking, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol while also making sure that a consistent exercise routine and a healthy varied diet is maintained. These adjustments need to be implemented over long periods of time to ensure that the potential risks are minimised.

Alternatively, clinically proven, safe and effective erectile dysfunction treatments can be used to potentially achieve erection on demand. Treatments like Viagra have been available on the market for decades and have a vast amount of research supporting the effectiveness of the treatment.