Blow Up Kayak: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying

Your ideal weekend is going kayaking with your loved ones without any interference from the outside world. Is transporting a rigid kayak, though, impractical, putting you off? When planning your next adventure, have you considered the portability and convenience of a blow up kayak? Together with Itiwit foodiesfact, we examine these vessels in further detail.

Lightweight, Simple, and Fast to set up and store

A blow up kayak has emerged as the go-to vessel for self-sufficient families to train without having to worry about transport or equipment. You might think of it as an inflated version of the many plastic kayaks on the market.

The double-action hand pump helps it to inflate rapidly. The electric pump that operates off of the cigarette lighter in an automobile makes the process much less complicated. Inflation rapidly deflates. Moving around is also not an issue. It’s easy to transport the kayak when it’s deflated and may be stored in the trunk. Forget the roof rack; it’s been great! This makes stowing things away at home a breeze.

Light as a Feather

A blow up kayak is not only easier to transport and store than their plastic counterparts, but they also weigh much less.

The minimum weight for a two-person polyethylene kayak is 35 kg. In contrast, since an Itiwit kayak weighs just 14 kg on average, you won’t have to strain your back carrying it to the launch site.

These kayaks’ lightweight is a result of their construction material, which is a thick and highly durable canvas similar to that used for rafts.

Durable Inflation System

With this durable material, you can inflate your boat to high pressure, making it almost as hard as its plastic equivalents. Use it on calm rivers or lakes with little current.

The stability of your boat is, thus, something you should not fret about. Tarpaulin, the fabric used for the bottom, is very resistant to wear and occasional impacts, making these canvas materials extremely unlikely to acquire a puncture igadgetnow. And even if one of the three chambers (2 sides and 1 floor) were to be punctured, a blow up kayak at. Additionally, a chamber is simple to replace or fix.

Navigation Is a Breeze

Since they have two chambers on each side, a blow up kayak is a stable vessel despite their small draught. As a result, you’ll have more control over the kayak, be less impacted by currents, and be able to utilize it in shallower waters.

However, the boat’s little weight makes it more susceptible to drifting in strong winds. To combat this, Itiwit has installed skegs on all of its boats to ensure that you can always maintain your intended path.


A blow up kayak has a reduced carrying and loading capability as compared to rigid kayaks. The total weight of two people in a blow up kayak is around 150 kg igadgetnewstoday. If there are two of you and you want to bring some additional stuff for your day out, this is a small quantity.

However, a bigger blow up kayak is a better choice for carrying additional gear. It can carry loads up to 230 kg in weight! You may bring a youngster with you on the middle seat, and there will be more room for equipment newspinup.

As a further caveat, blow up kayak do not meet the requirements of French Division 240, which would otherwise allow you to venture offshore beyond 300 meters if you are a fan of the sea and open water.

Although intensive kayaking is best done in a rigid kayak, a blow up kayak offers many benefits and is still widely used by kayaking enthusiasts. Whether you’re traveling alone, with family, or with a group of friends, the latter will still ensure fantastic days spent outside.