5 Reasons Your AC Is Leaking Water and How to Prevent It

Having an air conditioner in the house has become a necessity. A cooling system allows you to sleep comfortably. Therefore, it is important not to ignore water leaks from your AC.

Below are five reasons why your AC might leak

According to Aircon Service Singapore, it is common for water to come out of an AC unit because of five common reasons.

A dirty filter is one reason

Aircons require regular cleaning to operate efficiently. Filters typically reveal whether the AC is dirty or not. Your AC filter will become clogged with dirt if you do not clean it regularly. The dirt, in turn, restricts the airflow and causes your evaporator coil to freeze.

Water will eventually find a way out of your AC after the ice melts. This results in water leaking from the AC. That is why manufacturers suggest homeowners perform an aircon servicing to keep your aircon in good shape.

A clogged drain line

How your AC works or the refrigeration cycle could result in water accumulating inside the unit. As long as your drain line is working correctly, this is normal. Water from your AC will be directed to a drain line outside your home if the drain line operates appropriately.

Clogged drain lines will prevent this from happening. A blockage in your drain line will prevent water from leaving your air conditioner. Consequently, the overflowing water will attempt to get out of your AC in another way.

Homeowners can prevent clogged drain lines with an aircon chemical wash at least once a year. It helps get rid of debris in the drain line.

A bad installation

In case your AC is brand new, and you see water leaking from it, the most common cause is improper installation. Water can fail to flow downwards due to incorrect installation, for instance. Poor placement of drain lines can lead to this problem.

Choose a reputable company that offers reliable aircon installation to avoid this problem.

Cracked or rusted drain pans

If you use your air conditioner every day, you will likely see wear and tear. Usually, the part of your air conditioner that suffers the most wear and tear is the drain pan. Over time, it may crack or rust.

Rusted or cracked pipes cannot hold water as effectively as they should. You will therefore see a puddle of water on your floor.

Gas volume is incorrect

Cooling your room involves the use of gas or refrigerant. They must, however, be in the correct volume. Your AC will have issues if the refrigerant volume is below or above the recommended range. It might not be producing cold air, or it may be leaking water out of your AC.

A change in the pressure of your AC can cause water to leak because of an incorrect gas volume. Ice will then form, melting and causing an overflow of water.

The AC usually makes a whistling sound as a sign of this issue.

Keeping your AC from leaking water

You must maintain your AC properly, as we mentioned. Your air filter must be cleaned regularly as a user, preferably every two weeks and more frequently if you use it often.

Also, call an HVAC professional, like the technicians at ac repair Las Vegas, every three months to keep your AC in good condition. The professional will perform regular maintenance and clean it thoroughly.