5 Design Tips and Tricks For Setting Up Your Home Office

For years, having a home office hardly ever seemed like a necessity. Then came the pandemic and office work structures, as we knew them, got rocked and disrupted to their core. Going to the office fast became more of a rarity than a norm. 

In a bid to adapt, most companies and businesses have since embraced remote working structures and may stick to them even after the pandemic. Subsequently, you may soon find yourself in need of a functional home office space. 

Wondering how to set one up? Let’s get you started on the right foot by discussing some key design factors to consider.

A Suitable Layout 

The first step would be to pick out a room or an area in your home that would be ideal for a home office. Places like a spare room, your garage, a guest house, a pool house, or even a well-enclosed could all be viable options. You only need to ensure that there is enough room and that you will not be in anyone’s way or suffer too many distractions while there. 

Try to do this in the daytime so that you are able to figure out how much light you will get in the room and at what angles. Use this information to decide where to place your desk and then figure out the layout for other items such as storage units. 

With that settled, take time to measure the dimensions of the room and the doorway. This will help you pick out furniture that can fit in the room as well as other accessories like rugs. 

Your Comfort

Have your back and neck muscles been acting up since you started working from home? Well, the odds are that you have been sitting in unsuitable positions during your endless Zoom calls and report writing. Consequently, it would be wise to invest in quality office furniture for your home office. 

The goal here is not to necessarily break the bank and get the most expensive furniture. Rather, examine the features of different desks and chairs, test them, and then choose whatever offers you the best value for money. Remember to also compare the dimensions of the furniture to those of your office space. 

Look out for ergonomic office furniture such as a well-padded seat that is adjustable, and made using durable materials. On desks, you can hardly ever go wrong with a sturdy wooden one but there are many other amazing options in the market. Some even allow you the choice of working while seated or on your feet. 


The lighting you choose will determine the general ambiance of your office and how well you will be able to work in the space. 

If you enjoy grand lighting fixtures, then there is no harm in installing one for overhead lighting. However, overhead lights can sometimes be insufficient if you are trying to read or perform tasks that require proper illumination. 

As such, you may want to explore solutions like digital addressable LED strips. They can be installed as a continuous strip around the room or wherever you need them most. They are also affordable, energy-efficient, and can be set to a level of brightness that you are comfortable with.


While most firms now keep electronic records, some business tasks may still require physical documentation. You may also have books that you use for research or records of previous works that you keep copies of for reference. 

Endeavor to plan your storage space efficiently. You could, for example, get a floor-to-ceiling shelf to capitalize on vertical space. Use some of the shelf rows for books, if you have them, and then leave the lower rows for files and documents. 

For a more organized setup, consider using plastic crates with lids to store files and documents. Try to get customized crate designs that fit the rows of your shelves and the general aesthetic you prefer. Just remember to order them in advance because they would have to be made using a unique plastic crate mold


Some industries and work titles come with their fair share of risks and confidentiality requirements. If you work in such a sector, it is imperative that you include security features in your home office design. You could limit access to your office using a digital door lock system and have a custom home safe installed to enable you to keep any confidential documents out of reach. 


Working off your dining table, balcony, or breakfast nook may have been a nice change of scenery but, if we are being honest, it is hardly sustainable. Setting up a comfortable home office could just be the thing to add some structure to your work from home schedule and boost your productivity. Feel free to borrow some of these ideas and execute them in your own style.

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