5 Creative Ideas for a Romantic Movie Night

Watching a movie with your partner can be a romantic plan that greatly strengthens ties or creates a moment of intimacy that will entertain you. We advise you to make an effort to be different; don’t just sit on the couch and watch a movie.

Create atmosphere

Why not turn your living room into a makeshift movie theater? It’s not complicated at all, believe us. For example, at the entrance, you can simulate a small sweet and salty snack bar. Thus, each one serves what they want as they would at the entrance of a cinema.

Another good idea is to put personalized packages for each one on the seats. Include chocolate bars, your partner’s favorite drink, and yours, and don’t forget the treats.

Of course, watching a movie is also a great time to share a pizza. One or several, since you can create a varied selection with the flavors that you like the most. Popcorn is also essential. There is a wide variety of them that you can prepare in a moment in the microwave. In turn, its aroma will fill the living room so that it will seem like a cinema near me experience.

Which movies to choose from?

Of course, no matter how well you set up the movie theater if the movie is bad, you’re not going to have much fun. So that this does not happen, we have compiled some ideal ones so that this plan of watching a movie with your partner is a success.

Take note:

  • Close Range Love This film has love, action and has some actors who have made it a classic of romantic cinema.
  • Lars and the Real Girl. Ryan Gosling has a plastic doll as a partner, giving rise to a somewhat strange but very romantic story.
  • Forget me!  Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey make this an essential movie to watch as a couple.
  • A great love.  A classic from 1989 that surely brings out the most romantic side. Don’t miss it!

Family cinema is the perfect plan

If you like the idea of enjoying the cinema with your life partner, doing it with the whole family will fascinate you.

Of course, everything must change. Now you need to think about giving the kids something to eat and creating an environment that is fun for them. 

Feel free to select a movie that you all enjoy. I’m sure you’ll have fun just imagining it, right? We are going to develop these ideas for an unforgettable family movie session.

The funniest movie theater

The proposal that we previously suggested for the snack bar continues to work for you here. Fill it with healthy products and also insert sweets. In this way, the children will be more receptive to enjoying the plan that you propose.

If they are small, you can build a fort out of sheets and blankets. We assure you that it does not take long to prepare it and that the children will have a great time.

In the same way, we advise you to create an assortment of popcorn. Children tend to really like sweet varieties, such as caramel. You can easily prepare popcorn similar to those sold in theaters. Personalize them for each member of the family.

Movies to enjoy with the family

Now it’s time to provide you with ideas for some movies so that your family movie session turns out perfect. Family cinema can appeal to everyone. It does not have to be exclusively childish or too focused on an adult audience. We hope you like the following list:

  • My neighbor Totoro. A classic of Asian animation that you can enjoy with the whole family.
  • Kubo and the two magic ropes. Animation that goes out of the conventional, will surprise you.
  • The Never ending Story. A classic that has been captivating young and old since the 1980s.
  • Harry Potter. Films full of magic, fascinating characters, and a fast-paced story.

As you can see, the home theater is one of those plans that you cannot and should not resist. Take advantage of the films that we have recommended, prepare the snacks that you fancy and enjoy. Share a moment of fun with yours!

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