4 Tissot Luxury Watches You Must Spend Your Money On

Regardless if you’ve been a watch collector for a long time, you’ve probably heard of Tissot watches. Tissot is a Swiss luxury watch company based in Le Locle, and the watch brand has a history of nearly 150 years of watchmaking. Tissot is one of the world’s most well-known luxury watchmakers. Tissot was established by a network of independent artisans who put the many clock pieces together. 

Finally, they gathered all of the components in preparation for its acquisition. The modern-day Tissot is a formidable opponent, and its most recent creations are stunning pieces of high-tech elegance designed to match the wearer’s individuality. Tissot has been producing iconic watch series like the Tissot Rose Gold. But in this post, we’ll go over four different Tissot watches that will be worthy of your consideration.

1. Bridgeport Automatic Chronograph

The Tissot Bridgeport Automatic Chronograph is a beautiful classic watch with an attractive, vintage appearance. It might be worn to work or as a dress watch on any given day. 

The Bridgeport Automatic Chronograph is an excellent example of a classic timepiece with a lovely vintage look. At six and twelve o’clock, two chronograph sub-dials are beautifully presented. The second counter is set at nine o’clock. Although some watch forums criticize the dial’s “plain” appearance, the Bridgeport is intended to be a basic dress watch. As a result, it’s not meant to stick out too much. There are four different variants of the Bridgeport automatic chronograph. 

Two of them have 18-karat yellow gold casings to exude refinement and elegance. These two are considered to be the more costly variants. The remaining two versions are stainless steel and more inexpensive. The first has a guanine black leather strap, while the second has a brown leather strap.

2. Rose dream 18K Gold

It is regarded as one of Tissot’s most opulent dress watches for men. A watch is a timeless option that respects classic features while still displaying luxury. The elegant dial has Arabic and Index Dial Markers and is encased in an 18K gold casing.

Even after years of usage, the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal keeps it looking new. It has an analog date and time display powered by a quartz movement. Only black leader straps with a 21mm butterfly clasp are available for the watch. Except for the 18k gold case, the monotone black look is its most striking characteristic.

3. Heritage Navigator Automatic 160th Anniversary COSC

It’s not uncommon for significant watch manufacturers to reintroduce premium timepieces from their past. Some may be a limited-edition commemorative item, such as this one, or a vintage mainstay of their range.

Its antique appeal is ideal for modern business travelers who travel across time zones. These reissues, like renaissance art, stand out amid stylish timepieces and frequently outshine them in terms of elegance.

To commemorate Tissot’s 100th anniversary, the Heritage Navigator Automatic was released in 1953. Because the 1950s represented the beginning of commercial air travel, the piece’s jet-set style was popular at the time.

Tissot produced this very creative global time watch to commemorate their centennial. It could tell time for essential cities worldwide at a glance and skip forward time zones with the touch of a button.

In actuality, the Heritage Navigator took the GMT concept to the next level. The Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres certifies the accuracy of the automated chronometer (COSC).

4. 1936 Heritage Special Edition

When it comes to producing vintage-inspired timepieces on a budget, Tissot never disappoints. The Tissot 1936 Heritage is a trip back in time to the 1930s. Wristwatches had a unique war appearance and several antique characteristics back in the day.

At first look, this stainless steel watch with wire lugs and a hunter-style casing appears to be in good condition. Even though it has a diameter of 45 mm, most consumers say that it is a “tiny 45.” But it isn’t a problem because the watch is a long-lasting product whose worth isn’t affected by its size. 

The white and grey two-tone dial is elegant and sophisticated. The Tissot logo at midnight gives the watch a classic design appearance. Inky Breguet numerals are used for the numbers. Even though they appear crowded, they added to the watch’s uniqueness.

Remember to Buy From Trusted Stores

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From its humble beginnings in Le Locle to the powerhouse today, Tissot has gone a long way. You can find Tissot’s reputation for quality and value in every timepiece they’ve ever made. There have never been any negative reviews, and you can be confident that you will get exceptional value for your money with each product purchase.