4 Tips To Pick The Best Putter For High Handicappers

High handicappers always struggle to find the right putting club that fits them properly. If you are one of them, numerous putters or clubs are available in the market to suit your needs. Brands always take complete care while manufacturing these crucial golf tools. The primary purpose of these is to help the golfers take the ball in or near the hole. You can look online for top putters for high handicappers if you wish to improve your game.

Choosing the right putter can be difficult for any amateur or beginner. For people battling with distance control, heavy putters are ideal. The light top putters for high handicappers need maximum backswing. Read the below tips that can help the high handicappers to pick the best ones:

● Head Balancing:

The most crucial element you must focus on while choosing a club for yourself is head balancing. Whether you need to choose a toe-hang or a face-balanced putter depends upon your strokes. If a golfer has a face-balanced putter, it becomes easier for them to keep a square putter face during the entire stroke. On the other hand, the toe-hang putters are great for golfers who give consistent arc strokes.

●  Focus On The Length Of The Putter:

Before you stress over anything more, you want to guarantee your club’s length fits how you stand over the ball. A putter that is too long will force you to stand taller at the address and will draw your eyes excessively far inside the goal line. On the contrary, one that is too short will drive you to fold your back into an awkward position and can move your focus outside your goal line.

Most putting clubs are 34 and 35 inches, but you can also find 33-inch ones on the market. To find the best fit for yourself, high handicappers can also customize the length of these putters according to their requirements. Therefore, it is important to look for those that are customizable.

● Check The Head Style:

The two most well-known styles of putter heads are mallet putters and blade putters. Mallet putters will quite often give forgiveness on roll and direction because of the weight distribution. While most golf players generally get going with a blade putter in their pack, mallets have acquired fame with advancements in stability and control throughout the stroke.

Players with a curve stroke will generally perform better with a blade putting club due to the weight distribution between the toe and heel. Be that as it may, for a player who likes to enliven their bag with different designs and colors, mallet putters would be the best choice as it offers many customization options.

● Do Not Forget To Check The Grip:

One of the most important things to check while buying a club for high handicappers is to check its grip. It is the only part of the club that you will be touching during the stroke. Every golfer has their own preference when it comes to grip. Some golfers prefer bigger drips, whereas some prefer thinner grips. You will see that some grips are designed heavier than others to counterbalance the weighted head and also help with weight distribution. You can select the grip as per your requirement.

To Sum Up

Picking the right putting club is one of the most important decisions every high handicapper must make. There are several options on the market to pick from for high handicappers. By considering key factors, you can choose one based on your requirements. However, you need to know various tips to make this choice a little easier. The most beneficial tips include selecting the right head style, choosing the perfect length, and checking the club’s grip. Check the above points to learn about these tips in detail.