Work Safely in Your Home By Removing Asbestos

Before Renovations, You Should Have Asbestos Removed

Asbestos was a very popular product used in building homes and commercial buildings over many decades. It is an efficient insulator and was used in drywall, tiles, flooring, insulation, and more. The small fibers that make it strong and efficient are the same thing that makes it dangerous for people. Small fibers are breathed in and can become embedded in the lungs leading to disease.

Benefits of Professional Asbestos Removal

While unsafe in some situations, it has been considered safe as long as it is not disturbed. This means that asbestos can be safely left in place over the years without risking the health of anyone. However, once it has been disturbed in any way, the fibers become airborne and are a risk to the health of anyone who breathes it in. As renovations require removing many elements from home, any asbestos will be disturbed in the process. If there is a suspicion of asbestos being present within the home, as it is in many homes throughout Australia that were built before 1990, it is necessary to take safety precautions before moving forward with renovations. Before disturbing any materials that are suspected to contain it, it is important to check the local restrictions and regulations on who is able to complete the work. Often the removal process is limited to professionals and requires a strict process that includes reverse vacuum spaces so no fibers are able to leave the space. Irwin Asbestos Management has the full training and education needed to safely remove asbestos from your home or business. Due to the health risks of working with this material, it is beneficial to have a professional complete your residential asbestos removal. They will arrive with the necessary protective gear to keep themselves safe and to protect the home. Removing the materials in a safe manner will also prevent it from spreading around the home and will prevent residents from becoming ill from the airborne fibers. Additionally, professionals are able to certify that the home is free of asbestos, which can help to improve or protect the value of the home should it be sold later. When renovations begin, assuring the contractors and renovation specialists that the home is safe and free from any asbestos can improve the speed and efficiency in which the job is completed. Once the home is determined to have had all of this product removed, it will no longer be necessary to check each new space before the work can begin. While asbestos has been considered safe when left undisturbed, beginning renovations on a home is sure to damage the materials that contain it, and that will allow it to become a health risk for everyone in the home. Both residents and workers will face the risk of lung disease and cancer from being in the space once it has been disturbed. Professionals have the right training and tools to complete the removal process safely and efficiently.