Why You Should Make The Switch To A Biometric Clock In Clock Out System

As business needs evolve and change, it is more important than ever to take your employee data’s safety, security, and accuracy into consideration when it comes to timekeeping and keeping track of your employee’s location, attendance, and productivity.

Many new technological innovations have been created to secure your business’s data much faster and easier, not to mention many other benefits that can make your business more efficient and profitable.

One of those technological innovations is a biometric employee time tracking system. This timesheet management solution has several features that can help your business and make it well worth the switch if you’re still using manual practices or an older outdated clock in clock out system.

Unique Employee IDs and Fast Clock in and Out

The clock in process is one of the most vulnerable and wasteful parts of the job for most employees. Clocking in manually is very insecure and can result in time theft since anyone can technically swipe a time card for their fellow employee. Buddy punching is a common practice that costs businesses significant amounts of money in labor costs that are not productive.

Additionally, the process can just be complicated and time-consuming. In most cases, the employee has to go to a physical job clock just to clock in and may have to wait in line or traverse a long way just to do so. This can make employees opt to skip out on breaks due to the hassle, and the disruption from the process can interrupt the workflow

The biometric time clock software allows employees to punch time using their unique identifiers, such as a fingerprint or face scan, which cannot be stolen. So there’s virtually no way for someone to commit time theft or steal employee data. The process is also speedy and can sometimes be done from an employee’s personal device, meaning no time-consuming going back and forth to the clock to track time or breaks.

More Accuracy

Another thing that most traditional and outdated time clocks lack is timekeeping accuracy. Inaccurate timekeeping can lead to several problems such as timecard errors, payroll errors, and labor law compliance issues. What’s worse, correcting these mistakes costs time and money for the business, and the process can lower employee morale.

A biometric clock in clock out system is automatic and records employee data down to the minute, eliminating errors. All calculations are made and stored even for absences, breaks, and overtime so that employee time card data is guaranteed accurate. If a manager makes an edit to the time card for any reason, that data is noted and stored in case of a dispute.

In terms of payroll, all employee time card data can be calculated and sent directly to the payroll department for fast and easy processing of paystubs.. Since there’s no manual data entry at this point, the paychecks are guaranteed to be accurate, which means employees will be happier as well.

Better Compliance

In addition to being safer, being labor law compliant is a big issue as well. Being labor law compliant means making sure employees take their breaks and are paid for every minute they work, whether it is overtime or not. The biometric clock in clock out system can track all employees simultaneously. Thanks to the unique biometric identifiers, employers can guarantee that their employees are paid the appropriate wages for the time they work.

Reminders can be set to ensure that employees take their breaks, and habitual offenders can be reprimanded if necessary, thanks to the alert and notification system built into the online timesheet software. This makes compliance much more likely and lowers the risk for potential violations.