Why Is Integrated Digital Marketing Important In SEO Strategy


Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as SEO, is frequently used in digital marketing to boost organic traffic to your website. It is important that any business rank on the top SERPs to have better search visibility.

However, even after following all the right SEO practices, some businesses find it difficult to rank on the top SERPs. This is where the concept of Integrated Digital Marketing comes into the frame.

Professional SEO services have the knowledge to develop such a marketing strategy for your company and ensure that it helps you increase sales.

What Is Integrated Digital Marketing?

There is no doubt that digital marketing is taking over the market. However, it seems that people have reached the full potential of digital marketing. Now they are looking for something in which digital marketing can evolve.

This is where people are looking at integrated digital marketing. So, what exactly is Integrated Digital Marketing?

Integrated Digital Marketing is a new concept. So, we are having a hard time understanding it. So we thought, why not ask an expert and see what they have to say.

We talked with Digitrio, and according to Digitrio, Integrated Digital Marketing is all about using multiple marketing channels to get the best results.

Here is what the complete definition sounds like.

An integrated Digital Marketing Strategy is a strategy of combining different marketing tactics across all marketing channels.

The process involves the planning of all the different channels simultaneously instead of planning each channel separately.

Planning for all the marketing channels, what it does is that it allows the marketers to deliver a consistent brand experience to users across all the channels.

Importance Of Integrated Digital Marketing In SEO

Now that you understand the concept of integrated digital marketing, you now know just how much potential it has.

Here is how Integrated Digital Marketing is important for SEO.

1. Build Brand Awareness

In the modern marketing world, it is all about visibility. The more visible you are on different platforms, the better is your brand awareness.

The more frequently your consumer will encounter you online, the more recognizable you become. An integrated marketing strategy ensures that your brand message stays consistent and reinforced.

2. Be Seen Everywhere

Today, when a single consumer uses different devices to access the internet, ensuring your brand is visible everywhere is important.

There is always a possibility that potential customers might seek recommendations from a website having a healthy social media presence.

Integrated digital marketing can help your brand appear consistently and frequently on different marketing platforms.

3. Increased In Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is something that every business wants to achieve. With the consumer having brand loyalty, you know they have become an asset for your future business.

Being visible online helps maintain your relationship with consumers and keep your brands under their radar.

An integrated marketing strategy can help your business stay visible on multiple marketing channels and ensure your consumers see you every day.

4. Solidify Your Authenticity & Authority

The newer generation is on the internet all the time. So they easily know when a business is trying to market something to them.

If your business is doing the same, it might affect your reputation among the consumer. For example, you might be called a business that only cares for sales and not what audiences need.

However, if you can follow an integrated marketing strategy, your pitch will look more like a conversation than a salesperson trying to convince you to buy their products and services.

5. Improve Your ROI

Marketing over multiple platforms can be more cost-effective. An integrated strategy will help create and repurpose content across all marketing platforms. This will save not only your valuable time but also your money.

An Integrated Marketing strategy coupled with the latest SEO practices can improve your ROI by making your brand more visible to the audiences and building consumer trust.


Integrated Digital Marketing is a complex landscape even for marketers. Using a single strategy isn’t enough to conquer it.

The brands that are doing well with their SEO strategy are doing so by using multiple channels and integrated strategies.

Don’t get caught unaware of the modern trends. If you are unable to use the full potential of integrated marketing in your SEO strategy, reach out to experts.