Which is the best university in Australia for finance majors?

Australia is now the center of the financial circle in the entire Asia-Pacific region, so the development prospects of its financial industry are excellent. For students, the finance major has always been the most popular major for studying abroad. Every year, more than half of the students choose to major in business. Among Australian universities, there are many universities offering finance majors, and students have more choices.

The major of finance in Australia is to study the basic theories and basic knowledge of monetary banking, central banking, international finance, and commercial bank operation and management.

Among the many Australian universities, the best schools for finance majors are:

1. UNSW Sydney

UNSW Sydney is one of the top 100 universities in the world and one of the best universities in the Asia-Pacific region.

Finance at the UNSW Sydney

UNSW Sydney offers the Master of Finance, a 1-year course suitable for students with a financial background and those who want to learn more in the financial field. Since this course is relatively high-end, it is relatively difficult to apply. The school will evaluate the financial course system that students took in their undergraduate years, and if they do not meet the requirements, they will not be admitted. The courses include investment, international finance, securities management and other directions, and students can choose flexibly according to their future career plans.


The finance faculty and research strength of the University of New South Wales are currently the strongest in Australia, which is also reflected in the Master of Finance course offered by the institution. The finance courses of the University of New South Wales are also the most complete in Australia and are offered for different groups of people.

2. The University of Melbourne

Since its establishment, the University of Melbourne has produced many outstanding graduates, including two Nobel Prize winners in medicine, two former prime ministers of Australia, and some Asian business and politicians have also graduated from the University of Melbourne. The university has contributed greatly to Australia’s economic development in the Asia-Pacific region. The university has won the highest share of research funding year after year, establishing its reputation as a leading research university in Australia. It has become the first choice for outstanding students in Victoria, Australia and even internationally, and the University of Melbourne provides students with huge scholarships every year.

Finance at the University of Melbourne

Finance at the University of Melbourne prepares undergraduate students with a relevant background for a career in finance with a comprehensive understanding of the industry. This major provides financial management concepts, and related financial policies. The graduate certificate can have a comprehensive understanding of Australia’s international financial market and market operation, and at the same time improve financial knowledge and analytical skills.


The University of Melbourne’s finance program is 2 years, with strong academic research and strong faculty. It has 2 Nobel Prize professors and 7 academicians of the Australian Academy of Social Sciences. The business school has opened two finance major courses, which are aimed at two groups of people. Students with a non-financial background can apply for the Master of Management (Finance), and applicants with a financial background can apply for the Master of Finance, a CFA-accredited programme.

3. The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is Australia’s oldest and most prestigious university and one of the best institutions of higher learning in the world. The University of Sydney has eight campuses and multiple branch campuses. The main campus is close to the Sydney CBD, which is the financial center of Oceania, and is only one step away from Sydney Central Station.

Finance at the University of Sydney

The Master of Business at the University of Sydney is a 2-year full-time program that allows students from any undergraduate professional background to apply, helping students develop business theoretical knowledge and skills from an applied perspective. There are 18 majors in the major, and finance is one of them.


The finance major of the University of Sydney is jointly run by many large banks, stock brokerage companies and corporate accounting fund management companies such as the Australian Stock Exchange, the Sydney Futures Market, and the Australian Financial Market Association. The course combines a variety of practical financial theories and financial forecasting skills to provide students with a solid foundation for employment in economics and business-related fields.

These are the best universities in Australia for finance major. Their finance majors rank among the best in Australia as well as in the world, and they are able to provide excellent education in finance for both domestic and international students.

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