Which IPOs have been the biggest in India?

India’s biggest fintech giant recently made it to the list of the biggest IPOs with a whopping 18 crores, but it also became a massive disappointment because it was an overpriced listing. However, apart from them, there have been separate IPOs which are also some of the biggest in India and are gaining popularity too. Do you want to know who they are and what is an IPO? Keep reading below.

What is IPO?

IPO described as initial public offering is understood as the process of buying shares of private corporations via stock insurance. IPOs also allow organizations to raise enquiries from all the investors. The organisations’ transition from a private to a public organization can be a valuable time for investors so that they can completely understand their gains which includes a premium for the present investors. This also includes public investors who are participating in the offering.

Coal India

This is a miner run by the state which raised approximately 15 crores in what can be described as India’s biggest IPO offerings in terms of shares. Coal India is also described as the largest coal miner in the world.

General Insurance Corp of India (2017)

This organization raised a whopping 11 crores recently.

SBI & Payment Services

Also known as the State Bank Of India, SBI happens to be the largest lender in the country and it has raised a whopping 10 crores recently. In short, this has to be one of the biggest recent IPOs ever raised.

Reliance Power

They have also helped the faith of investors within the name of your family as a result of which many company groups were set up by tycoon Dhirubhai Ambani, who is Anil Ambani’s parent. The company has recently raised a whopping 10,123 crore.

New India Assurance

This company is also run by the state and has also raised a whopping 10 crores.


Zomato, India’s top food delivery app also raised a whopping 9 crores recently. Launched in the year 2008, the company has stellar reviews on home delivery which makes it one of the top delivery startups among Swiggy, Bigbasket etc.


This is a real estate organization which has raised a whopping 9 crores.

HDFC Standard Life Insurance

This famous health insurance brand has gained immense importance all across the world and has also raised 9 crores approx in the IPO. Recently, it has also competed with players like SBI Insurance.

SBI Life Insurance

This company has also raised a total of 8 crores.

Gland Pharma

Based in Hyderabad, this organization has raised a whopping 64 billion. Established in 1978, Pharma also makes the best generic medicinal drugs and also sells products in over sixty countries.

Not just these companies, many other stock broker companies like Angel One, OYO rooms, BoAt, MobiKwik, Ola, Swiggy and BYJU’S are also some massive organizations are hoping to list their IPOs in the upcoming financial year, so it is something to look out for