What You Need to Know About Egress Windows and Doors Courtice

Egress windows and doors Courtice are just a big kind of secondary exits that you put at any part of your home for emergency purposes. A basement is a good location in your home where you can put your emergency exit.

Basements usually add extra space to your home if they are finished and in good shape. If your basement can be remodeled to accommodate egress windows and doors Courtice, here is what you need to understand.

1. Egress Windows And Doors Courtice Add More Natural Light To Your Basement

The basement is a part of the house which is more likely to be dark. Installing an egress window or door will make your basement more lively and allow natural light into the basement.

Having an egress window or door will also give you confidence in your home because you know a way to get out of your home in case of an emergency such as a fire or any other safety threat for you and your loved ones.

To get the best finish that will conveniently allow natural light into your basement, you should consider getting Courtice windows replacement for professional services unless you are confident with your skills and can do it by yourself without going through a lot of trouble to achieve the best results.

2. Egress Windows And Doors Are Not Suitable For Older Homes

Egress windows and doors Courtice take a lot of space because they are large in size. Most old homes were built with small basement space because it was a space that could be used for only storage and laundry purposes.

For most homes built after world war 2, the space left for doors and windows in the basements is considerably small and cannot accommodate the modern egress windows and doors, which take too much space.

However, you don’t have to panic if your home is old because you can get an update and have your basement remodeled by Courtice windows replacement companies.

2. Requirements For Installing Egress Windows And Doors In Your Basement

You should be aware that you can’t just decide to install egress windows and windows because there are several requirements you need to meet.

For instance, you have to create enough space for egress windows and doors Courtice because the windows and doors must be large in size for a convenient and fast emergency exit.

The required opening width for egress windows should be at least 20 inches. The required height should not be less than 24 inches. The opening should be net clear, at least 5.7 square feet, and the sill should not exceed 44 inches from the floor for the egress windows.

3. The Proper Way Of Taking Measurements For Egress Windows And Doors For Your Basement

If you want to install egress windows or doors in your basement and are unsure if your existing ones meet the latest requirements, don’t panic. You only need to take the measurements using a tape measure to determine what you will be working with.

The process is simple and involves these steps: opening the door or window the widest they can, taking the measurement of the opening of either the door or window and measuring the height, and multiplying with the width.

However, if you don’t want to take the measurements yourself, you can seek professionals from Courtice windows replacement to have them do it for you.

4. Cases Where The Basement Windows And Doors Courtice Are Below The Ground Level

If your basement is below the ground level, you can also install egress windows and doors, only that the requirements are a bit different from those that the basement is above the ground level.

For exit to be possible, in these cases, you will have to get a well dug inferior to the frames of the windows or doors. The well should meet the requirements of at least 36 inches wide and a length of 36 inches.

If the well dug is deeper than 44 inches, you will need to have a ladder or a kind of staircase fixed for easy and fast exit purposes.