What Type of Floor Mats You Can Buy for A Fire Station?

Fire stations are heavy operational buildings. Floor mats of fire stations are prone to heavy wear, fire, and burns. Such floor mats must be efficient, low maintenance, and durable. Fire station facilities are fast-paced and dynamic environment for rapid response to function well. Firefighters cannot lose a second of falling and standing upon a damaged floor mat.

The floor mats of the fire stations must be durable, strong, and safe. Fire vehicles are heavy due to which floor mats are more exposed to wear. Fire stations flooring mats must help to avoid slip and fall incidents. It can be durable enough to withstand the impact of potentially dropped equipment.

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You can serious injuries due to slips, falls, and fire by using floor mats at the fire station and on trucks. A custom-designed water hog mat for firefighters provides better friction to walk around safely. Fire stations can use custom rugs and mats to protect entrances and show off their specific logo. They are available in various sizes, texture, and designs.

Here are a few properties of floor mat required for fire stations –

  1. Tough and durable – Fire station requires heavy-duty floor mats having elastic properties to withstand heavy falls, continuous moisture, and wear. These mats are more exploited than your home or office mats. Floor mats are made of epoxy and urethane for anti-fatigue and fall-resistant properties.
  2. Easy cleaning and maintenance – Fire stations a regularly exposed to water due to testing, cleaning, and maintaining the vehicle and equipment. You need a floor mat that is perfect water-resistant that prevents the growth of mold and fungus. PET polyester and resinous coated floor mat are the perfect choices for this purpose. When maintained and installed properly, they prevent waterlogging between the flooring system. They are very easy to clean and maintain.
  3. Better slip-resistant – Epoxy and resinous floor mats are textured with slip-resistant designs to prevent falls in wet conditions. This suits perfectly for firefighters who need to walk or run irrespective of the surface condition.
  4. High fire-resistant – Floor mats at fire stations are regularly exposed to fire and heat. A self-extinguishable and fire-resistant floor mats are more relevant for fire stations and vehicles. Chemically treated slow-burning and self-extinguishing rubber mats are the best options to reduce workplace accidents. Fiberglass rugs are the most effective protection for your flooring against burns.
  5. Low cost for long life – Fire stations are managed by the money of the taxpayers. So, floor mats are preferred for low-cost and high-end durability. They must also require less maintenance for economic reasons.