What Sets BattleVision Storm Apart From Other Glasses

We use our vision every day. From reading emails at work to reading road signs while driving, it’s important to keep our eyes in good shape. With regular glasses, we can support vision and comfort while using our eyes throughout the day. However, these don’t help much during certain activities. 

This is where special glasses lenses come in handy. Some of the most important situations to be prepared for on the road are storms. During heavy rain, fog, sleet, snow, lightning storms, and even poor light conditions, your eyes may not be able to see as well as they usually can. Using storm glasses can help.

This guide takes a look at the qualities that set BattleVision Storm Glasses apart from other types of glasses. Keep reading to learn what you need to know. 

UV Protective Lenses

The most important quality to look for when considering outdoor glasses of any kind is UV protection. Just like our skin, our eyes are prone to damage and harm if overexposed to the sun’s UV light. In fact, sun exposure can even result in sunburn for the eyes, sensitive, mild discomfort, and more serious conditions.

Most types of sunglasses are designed with an adequate level of UV protection to help keep your eyes comfortable and safe while outdoors. Our BattleVision Storm glasses are designed with UV blocking lenses to do just this. You can enjoy a range of other benefits along with protection for your eyes. Whether you’re in bright light conditions or low-light storms, you can rely on this protection. 

Blue Light Technology

Another way BattleVision Storm Glasses help your eyes is through their blue light blocking lenses. This ability to block blue light helps you see more clearly in low light storms that you normally would. There are a variety of other benefits to blocking blue light, as well. Here’s what you need to know. 

What is Blue Light?

First, what is blue light? Many eye care specialists will discuss the importance of blue light protection without describing what blue light is in the first place. In short, blue light is part of the visible light spectrum just like any other type of light. It has the shortest wavelength and highest energy of all other lights, so it’s powerful.

It’s important to understand that blue light isn’t always bad. In fact, it’s necessary for energy during the day, focus, mood, appetite, and regulating our circadian rhythms. Blue light only becomes dangerous when our eyes are overexposed to it or when we expose our eyes to blue light at night time.

Blue light is one of the key regulators for our sleep schedules. When you see blue light at night, it can throw off your circadian rhythm and make it more difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. Sleep is a vital function, so it’s important to learn how to keep your eyes comfortable and safe. 

Even driving at night with blue light exposure can disrupt your sleep cycle. This is where BattleVision storm glasses come in handy.

How BattleVision Storm Glasses can Help

BattleVision storm glasses are built with blue light technology that helps block blue light from entering your eyes. These lenses not only help you see better by filtering out the blue light, but they can also help filter blue light from impacting your sleep cycle.

Anti-Glare Lenses

Another benefit of BattleVision Storm Lenses is their anti-glare lenses. Glare occurs when light from the sun or artificial lights bounces off a reflective surface. This can include light bouncing off buildings, cars, windows, road signs, and even the pavement. 

Glare can not only be annoying to deal with, but it can hinder clear vision while we drive. This can make it dangerous to drive. This is especially dangerous in rainy and stormy weather as snow and rain on the pavement can act as reflective surfaces. 

BattleVision storm lenses help reduce this glare and keep your vision brighter by letting more non-glare light enter your eyes. 

Night Driving and Storm Driving

For many, bad weather doesn’t mean staying at home. If you drive to and from work or work as a commercial driver, you rely on having clear vision on the road every day. BattleVision storm glasses can help keep your vision clear and keep you safe on the road. 

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