What is Proctoring Software for Online Exams/Tests?

Globally, remote assessment practices are expanding as more schools, universities, and businesses shift to online evaluation of students or job applicants. However, efficient proctoring has always been the evaluating bodies’ top priority.

The solution for virtual tests and assessments is tamper-proof and resilient online proctoring software. 

What exactly is a Proctored Exam?

A proctor exam test is an online assessment that uses technology-enabled monitoring software to supervise a test-taker from start to finish. To prevent cheating, a proctored exam employs a combination of video and audio. A proctor exam/test adds rigor to an examination drive and eliminates any unwelcome incidents. 

What Is Online Proctoring in Exams?

When students or candidates take an exam virtually, online proctoring is a technology that ensures exam integrity. To keep the assessment from being tainted by fraud, online monitoring could include a variety of safeguards. Here you can find out Premium guest posting service

A supervisor or teacher, for example, may monitor all candidates using webcams. Other more effective measures include: 

  • Monitoring the candidate’s device’s voice input and output
  • All website access from the exam device is blocked.
  • Recording the webcam view and later monitoring the feed
  • To make it unbeatable, advanced online proctoring tools combine human and AI inputs.

What Is the Purpose of Online Proctoring?

For virtual education, certifications, job interview assessments, and employee training, online proctoring softwares are essential. A virtual invigilating tool is used by all institutions and businesses for the following reasons:

  • Preventing candidates from using external online resources during evaluations
  • One proctoring software can handle a variety of exams and tests.
  • Verifying the candidate’s identity
  • Reduces the number of people needed in online testing centers.
  • Simple scaling up and scaling down options
  • Video archives aid in the resolution of any future disputes. Data analytics from proctoring tools aid in understanding learner behavior.
  • Students enrolled in a distance learning programme can take exams at any time.
  • Online invigilating tools are extremely beneficial in maintaining global adoption of virtual and online learning.

There are multiple ways for taking the Online Proctoring Exams :-

Proctoring via video

It examines students’ video feeds and raises flags if any suspicious activity is visible in the video.

Audio Examining

It monitors students’ audio feeds and raises alerts if there are any additional human voices in the area.

Proctoring of Images

It evaluates and checks students’ photographs taken at regular intervals.

Some Softwares that help in Proctoring Online Exams are:

Mercer Mettl

Mercer Mettl is yet another well-known name in the field of online proctoring software and services. It provides proctoring as a service or as a test platform, as well as remote proctoring.

Its proctoring system includes AI programming and human-based review to combat any deception during an online exam. The tool employs the following proctoring technologies:

  • AI-powered automated monitoring
  • Human proctors for high-profile evaluations
  • Examining a recorded session

Exam Online

ExamOnline is a full-featured online examination solution for entrance tests, recruitment exams, skill assessments, certifications, corporate hiring, and more. It is a platform that provides assistance from application management to online examination administration, result processing, and scorecard/certificate generation.


  • Remote Proctor Powered by AI
  • Candidates are automatically authorized using facial recognition.
  • If there are automated alerts and warnings, they are as follows:
  • There is no face present.
  • The wrong face is present.
  • There are several faces present.
  • Detection of objects such as mobile phones and books
  • Detection of facial movement
  • Examine the window navigation
  • Human speech detection Lite, auto and human proctoring modes are all available.
  • Secondary camera video feed is provided for a 360-degree candidate view.
  • During the exam, you can capture the desktop screen.
  • Various types of questions
  • Question and answer options are chosen at random.
  • Different marking schemes are available, including a negative marking percentage.
  • Levels of difficulty and topic-specific question selection 


Honorlock is the first proctoring service to combine automated and live human proctoring to ensure the integrity of online exams. While its features are cutting-edge, the interface is simple to use. Proctored exams can be taken at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On-demand live US-based support is also available at no extra cost.

Honorlock works as follows: Each exam session is monitored by AI, which alerts a live proctor if it detects any potential academic dishonesty. Before intervening, the live proctor can review the situation in an analysis window, which is much less distracting for test-takers.


  •  AI is combined with live remote proctors.
  • Available There is no need to schedule anything because it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Free on-demand, live support from the United States.
  • Detects cell phone and other device use
  • No additional logins are required for direct LMS integration.
  • Proctoring by a third party
  •  60-second ID verification
  • Identifies and removes leaked test content
  • Voice detection that is useful
  • Recordings and reports with time stamps
  • Flat fee per student or per exam 

Speed Exam

Speed Exam is a versatile online exam software that includes advanced features such as automatic grading and instant reporting. SpeedExam allows you to create assessments in three simple steps and customize them for better evaluation, security, quick selection, and simple certifications.

The best part about SpeedExam is that they offer a free version that is not time limited, with 25 free exams every month for the rest of your life. And its pricing is the most competitive among all market competitors. 

This versatile assessment platform is widely used in industries such as recruitment, education, manufacturing, banking, logistics, insurance, aviation, and healthcare. SpeedExam’s extensive database allows you to accomplish more with fewer resources, and its excellent customer service makes the process a breeze.

Microsoft, Amazon, Verizon, Samsung, McAfee, IBM, AstraZeneca, Marriott, Ericsson, Maruti Suzuki, Hitachi, University of Toronto, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and many other well-known companies have used SpeedExam. 


  • Automated Proctoring and Grading
  • 30,000 simultaneous tests
  • Management of Evaluations
  • Management of Candidates
  • Management of Candidates
  • Screen Capture
  • Verification of Candidates
  • Online Exams
  • Randomization of questions
  • Scheduling of Tests
  • Feedback
  • Quizzes for Advanced Reporting & Analytics Certification & Licensing
  • Time Restriction
  • Questions With Weights

In a nutshell, the Mettl proctoring AI detects and flags unusual activities such as candidate ID mismatch, student absence, device presence, or external human voice. Accordingly, AI also records such incidences and creates a report for the human auditor.