What is eToro copy trading?

The ability to assign a part of your money to replicate the actions of another trader is known as eToro copy trading. The social trading revolution started by eToro reached its apex with the creation of CopyTraderTM in 2010.

When trading CFDs with this supplier, 67 percent of retail investor accounts experience a loss of money. If you can afford to take the significant risk of losing your money, you should consider it.

Copy trading is a straightforward concept using technology to replicate the real-time forex brokers  of other active investors (forex trading system providers).

Financial institutions provided mirror trading, allowing investors to mimic a professional broker’s activities.

Still, it was only available to certain brokers and typically comes with management fees and commissions. On the eToro platform, however, millions of users can use CopyTraderTM.

The benefits of copy trading for new investors

Consider copy trading a simple entry gate if you intend to enter the financial markets for the first time. By using copy trading, you can improve your trading abilities, save time, and overcome your current lack of experience.

You can also learn from other traders and investors. See how to use copy trading quickly by following the instructions below.

Copy trading can benefit new investors in several ways:

The most successful investors and traders, some of whom are even professionals, may be found on eToro. Users can quickly replicate the performance of other traders and keep a close eye on their movements by employing copy trading.

Additionally, a lot of traders use the social news feed to critique their decisions and provide justifications, offering new traders a genuine educational opportunity.

Saving time: It takes time to become familiar with the financial markets. No matter how skilled a trader may be, there will always be a learning curve.

How copy trading can help you steer clear of typical mistakes.

By using copy trading, rookie traders and investors can avoid some of the most frequent errors. For some traders, it takes effort to get past making emotional decisions.

Your downfall could come from “going with your gut” or making investments based on a hazy hint simply because it “feels good.”

With copy trading, however, you place your money in the hands of seasoned investors who have already overcome these obstacles and are calm and collected.

A further error inexperienced traders frequently commit is the expression “placing all their eggs in one basket,” which refers to not diversifying. You get exposure to other traders’ varied portfolios by replicating them.

By building a portfolio entirely based on people, you can benefit from two layers of diversification: the first layer is represented by the traders themselves, and the second is by the assets in each trader’s portfolio.

On eToro, you can invest in pre-built Smart Portfolios made up of a group of traders combined based on a predetermined strategy.

Should I be concerned about any risks?

The quick response is “yes.” Trading and investing in financial markets are always fraught with risk.