What is an actuarial certificate?

An actuarial certificate is a document that authenticates and shows much of a self-managed super fund (SMSF) income is derived from its members’ collection phases and retirement phases. And figures out the ratio of income that will be exempt from tax says Stephen Welsh of Clayton & Foster Accountants. GP Osborn is a legally authorized or licensed holder to provide the actuarial certificate service.

A self-managed super fund (SMSF) can be two kinds of accounts within the fund: a collection account and a pension account. The collection account can receive contributions, and pension accounts are operated to pay the associate a regular income stream or a lump sum when they decide to access their super. The tax senses for both accounts are different, so an actuarial certificate service allows you to claim a ratio of income as tax-exempt in your annual tax return.

GP Osborn is to provide you with the easy plate form for the actuarial certificate service. They are giving you three easy options to obtain an actuarial certificate for your self-managed super fund (SMSF).

1- BGL 360

It is an online management program system for actuarial certificate services. When you will go throw online on BGL 360, you have to follow the instruction to get the actuarial certificate. These are user-friendly and easy instructions.

2- Email the General Ledger

The second option for the actuarial certificate service is to send us the general ledger of your accounts in Microsoft Excel format. For new accounts, we also need the date of birth of the associates and the name of the trustee.

3- Fill out a form or call

The third option for the actuarial certificate service is to fill out a simple form that is designed by GP Osborn. You have to give the simple required information. You can get this form simply to click on the online form button on our website.


GP Osborn is offering a hassle-free and quick method for actuarial certificate service to our client to get the actuarial certificate. GP Osborn’s flexibility, professionalism, and transparency in our prices make us the first choice of our customers.

We have been providing certification services since 1997 and are committed to us that quality assurance and client satisfaction as our priorities. These certificates are being made under the supervision of a professional actuary. After getting the correct information, our experienced and qualified actuary can issue the actuarial certificate in less than 24 hours. It makes us the best & reliable actuarial certificate service provider.

G P Osborn Pty Ltd has been supplying Actuarial Services since 1986 and Actuarial Certificates since 1997. We are a small, energetic, customer-focused company that prides itself on delivering on-time, authentic and cost-effective service.