What goals can be achieved through examinations

The system of exams calculates the student’s learning ability. It is an efficient way to analyse the knowledge of students. It also is seen as a measurement of how much one must learn and retain in the study. An exam can be seen as a system for self-improvement and knowledge.

Students mostly take the exam as a way to career. At the time students are very sensible about the exams they study to prove themselves for the goal and the achievement they get.

Some schools and colleges enhance the student’s learning by giving them awards, prizes, recognition and certificates to motivate students to increase their knowledge which is the proud moment of doing all the hard work not for individuals but also because of the support of the parents and teachers.

In each and every step of life, all of us face new situations and learn from them. All failures are lessons. An exam therefore is a major factor in learning. Students can easily learn the lesson of patience, discipline, hardwork and leadership through exams. The final result is real satisfaction for them.

Exams also help a person get  introduced to their own skill. Exams help in developing the entire thinking, logic and quick decision-making. Certain teacher app can greatly enhance the learning and help in better results in exams. Making notes can help too.

Not each and every parent however is capable of providing the best available knowledge for their children so at that time scholarship grants are one of the viable options for students to study easily. It is through an exam the scholarship can be attained. Exam can be seen as one of the gateways to attain scholarship and study for further higher education in college or university.

Exams can help in an understanding of the student’s understanding and learning power. It is the way students can understand their capability to study. Parents and teachers can also analyse the potential of the study.

Exams are seen to be a test of time management as they are set up as a test of knowledge, learning and understanding. There must have been a few times where people lost marks not because they didn’t know the answer to a particular question, but because they just ran out of time. This method of giving exams therefore should be avoided.

If you give a test before an exam the marks allocated there are a good show of how much time they should have to spend on each question. For instance,  if a question is of thirty marks, one should spend half an hour to complete it. The toughest questions are usually given at the end, so one must make sure to see if they have enough time for such questions. It is good to do short questions first before doing the long questions because this way you can easily score the marks. Some try to do bigger questions first to attain more marks at the end. Whatever suits you could be achieved.

One must also plan a review schedule one night before the exam and right before going to bed to give the exam the next day. It’s one of the best practice to remember what a person has studied, learnt or read. One must strictly avoid cramming and distribute learning over time by giving sufficient breaks, instead of doing it in just one go. It’s also a good way to step away from study that is done only a night before the exam.

It is also recommended that students should study in breaks or use techniques such as the Pomodoro method, where one use timers to study for a specified period of time. Then they can take a break for quite some time. For example, they can allocate 25 for study, and then 5 minutes for break, then repeat it. Studies have show that is hard for students to focus for much longer than this amount of time without a short break. This technique can be implemented in exams as well.


Scoring well is not difficult. Certain techniques can make the task very easy. One must make sure to put their heart and soul into it and do it effectively.