What Are the Differences Between Curtains, Drapes 

When you have so many window treatment options available, it is difficult to decide which will work best for you. Curtains and drapes are often used interchangeably, particularly in interior design. It’s even more confusing when they use “drapes” and “curtains” interchangeably. Despite the fact that all four window treatment types can be used in a wide range of decorating styles and in a variety of rooms of the house, each has a specific characteristic that makes it unique.

Here are all the ways you can distinguish between window treatments to help you decide which one is right for you. Difference between curtains and drapes:

Drapes vs. curtains, what’s their difference? 


It is most common to buy curtains in pairs. The curtains you find on the site are available in wide patterns,widths, lengths,fabrics and colors whether they are for the bedroom or the bathroom.

Over a kitchen sink, a café curtain can be used with a valance to cover the top of the window. 

Curtains are better suited to bedrooms than other window treatments like blinds or shades because they are made of lightweight fabrics, which are sometimes sheer. Therefore, curtains will not completely block all light. Thus, you won’t have to worry about having a dark bedroom at night.

Whether the curtains are hanging on a rod hidden or on display, a rod can be plain or decorative. Many different ways can be used to hang them. Several curtain panel options are available, including fabric rings, grommets, fabric sleeves and  metal rings at the top or at the back.

You can add pops of color to your bedroom with colorful curtains, or you can incorporate an interesting pattern with fabric to bring life to your room. Despite this, sheer curtains give a room a feminine and soft look.


Drapes also appear in pairs, and are made up of fabric panels. A drape, however, differs from a curtain in that it is lined, sometimes with a fabric heavy enough to block out all visible light, so they are suitable for bedrooms. Drapes are usually long enough to reach to the floor from the top of the window as well as tuck underneath the window a bit. Fabrics like velvet, damask, and silk are considered to be luxury fabrics, including heavy, somewhat stiff fabrics.

Drapes are often solid rather than heavily patterned, even though they come in a variety of designs and colors. It is the pleated top of the drapery panel that gives this window treatment its formal appearance. As with curtains, drapes are usually hung from a rod on rings, hooks, grommets, or an edging.

The most popular drapery style is the blackout style, which ensures the room is sufficiently dark so you can fall asleep quickly. Those who work night shifts or need to sleep during the day might find these especially useful.

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