What are the best digital marketing courses in India? 

In the current era of rapid technological advancement where change is the only constant, new businesses and products come up every day. As new companies spring up, the importance of digital marketing will also keep on growing. For someone looking to build a career in digital marketing, enrolling in the best digital marketing course is the right investment in terms of your time and money. Expertise in digital marketing will show you how to understand and utilize the buying habits of consumers.  So what’s the best place to get these courses in India?

1. NIIT digital marketing institute in India

The National Institute of Information Technology is one of India’s most reputable educational centres. The courses offered here are in collaboration with Ireland digital marketing institute. While they don’t offer online courses, they have 100+learning centres across the country. Their courses include digital marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing, and search marketing.

2. Digital Vidya

This institute was founded in 2009 and was the first institute in India targeted towards social media related education. As of now, their courses are available in Mumbai, Delhi and Gurgaon; , in the future, they plan to offer their classroom courses in other cities of the country. So in future, you may have a digital marketing course in Chennai fees, which would be comparable to other cities. Digital Vidya is widely recognized as Asia’s leading digital marketing and data analytics training company, and it boasts of having trained more than 20000 professionals belonging to 10000+ brands. Some of its most popular courses include the Facebook marketing certification course, SEM certification course and mobile app marketing certification course.

3. EduPristine

It was established in 2007 and is one of India’s most prominent marketing training institutes. It has a global presence and has successfully established itself as a digital marketing education sphere pioneer. Some of their most prominent courses include Social media marketing, PPC marketing, Content marketing, Web analytics, On and Off-page SEO, Email marketing and affiliate marketing. The most standout feature of their courses is that they offer online and offline courses. The online courses have a lower price; howeverboth courses include hands-on training, certification, and useful course material.

4. Upgrad

Upgrad offers the most holistic courses on digital marketing. They give a complete picture rather than just giving partial solutions to individual use cases of digital marketing. They offer a 5-month post-graduate certification in digital marketing and communication program to help you learn about SEO, SEM, content, building digital marketing plans, display, social media and remarketing.

5. Digital Scholar

This is one of India’s most unique digital marketing institutes as it offers agency styled learning, which makes their students job-ready. It offers highly prized certifications in its 3 months flagship course. Industry experts prepare their educational content, and their certificates such as Digital scholar certification, Google Display Ads certification, Video Ads certification, SEMRush certification are highly revered.

6. Post Graduate Program in Strategic Digital Marketing – Great Learning

This is one of the highest rated masters program in digital marketing. It curriculum includes both the fundamentals and the advanced concepts. Additionally, you will also get to learn about various tools like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and Analytics while working on real world projects. Once you complete the course you will earn a digital marketing certificate that will help your resume stand out in job interviews.
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