What are the 7 principles of Quality Management Systems?

A Quality management system is basically a system that lays down a formulation for any company’s procedures and operation. This system helps in the substantial growth of the company by maintaining the quality of the service or the product. The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification blends the traditional management practices with new age innovation to solve the modern day problems and also set up a company with ease. Here are 7 principles of Quality Management system according to the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification-

Focusing on the customer:

The first and also the most important principle according to the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification is Customer focus. The main goal of any organization, if it wants to sell, has to be customer satisfaction. If the company can achieve this, then their success and profits are affirmed. This can be done, by collecting the data from the customer for the service that the organization has given and then assessing it and making changes accordingly. This helps in making a network with the customers and also ensures his recurrence. Thus, make all the changes and improvements keeping in mind the needs of the Customers.

Total Employee Involvement:

Success is guaranteed only when the entire workforce is dedicated to meet the desired target. All the employees, right from the CEOs to the interns, when everyone is involved in the process, the targets seem much easier to achieve, and the company can churn out great profits. After all two heads are definitely better than one. So, to ensure an exponential and substantial growth of any organization, make sure, that all the employees give 100% to their respective jobs.

Fixate the process:

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Detroit mainly stresses on the process. It must be uniform, steady, equitable and also profitable. Once you have a fix process, you can analyze the outputs that it brings in for the company. This way the improvements can be made in an easier way and simultaneously you can churn out great outputs. Furthermore, if the outputs are improved, you end up improving the customer satisfaction. And that is again the primary reason why the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification focuses so much on the process. Thus, define, analyze and improve the process.

Create uniformity in the process:

When we talk about any organization, there is an involvement f various departments that work in conglomeration with each other. However, sometimes, there are chances that these departments create their own working strategies and generate their own working processes. This can lead to a lot of bafflement in the long term. Also, it will be extremely difficult to oversee them. Thus, creating uniformity in the process is essential. Once you create an integrated process for all the departments, then it is easy to monitor each department. The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification gives significant importance to implement the single process system across the entire company.

Strategizing and planning:

As simple as it may sound, Strategizing and planning is what most companies lack in.  First, any organization should create a plan. This one should be made focusing on quality improvements and also customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the company needs to create a system to implement in plan in the most effective and efficient way. And voila! The company then becomes market ready. Also, this plan must be unique and should make the company stand out from all its competitors. So, get planning and strategizing.

 Constantly focusing on the improvements:

Well, there is nothing absolutely perfect in this world; there is always some scope for improvement. Rather than taking it in as a demerit, use it to the company’s advantage like a stepping stone. Look out for potential changes that can bring in the profits. Once you identify these key changes, incorporate them into your startergizes, systems and processes. This will ensure a steady growth of the organization. With constant improvements, the company is ought to beat its rivals. Thus, make sure that the main question should always be “How can the company be better?”

Making the decision based on Facts and figures:

Usually, a company needs to make harsh decisions to make the company more profitable. Thus, while taking these decisions, the stakeholders must stick to the numbers. The matrices of the company will help in the examination of previous strategic changes and also what impacts they have had. Based on all the facts and graphs, the company can map the future growth of the changed strategies. Thus, making decisions based on facts and figures will be beneficial in the long run rather than sticking to just assumptions. So, improve your strategies based on calculations from the previous changes.

Apart, from these, communication channels among the heads and the subordinates are essential. This basically helps the employees to get to know the company’s objective, vision and target. It gives them a clear picture of how they must contribute towards the growth of the company. In return, the employer must also look for the needs of the employee. Thus, setting up a top to bottom and simultaneously a bottom to top communication channel can also help in building the company.

These are the 7 basic principles of the Quality management systems that ensure substantial and even sustainable growth of any company. These are the 7 principles of quality management system recognized by the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.

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