Victims Of Sexual Abuse: Who You Should Call

Sexual assault trauma can leave survivors with physical, psychological, and emotional wounds. Most victims stay quiet to avoid shame and other repercussions, especially if the predictor is a close relative or a person left under their care. Others suffer in silence because they don’t know what to do. manytoons

After a sexual assault, you need to talk to someone for safety purposes. The aftermath emotions can be intimidating, and you might harm yourself if you do not take the necessary precautions. This inhuman act can leave you empty and lose your manytoon  self-worth. rexdlcom

However, if you report this incident to the relevant authorities, you will receive medical attention and other formalities to fasten the healing process. Here is who you should call after sexual harassment.

Who You Should Call After Sexual Abuse

1. Call The Authorities

The decision to call law enforcement is entirely yours. You must know that reporting and seeking justice can help you regain and recover control over your life. When reporting sexual assault, you have numerous options.

You can dial 911 if you are in immediate danger, and the police will come to your location and help. You can also call a sexual abuse lawyer to help you with the legal process and find the justice you deserve.

You should call campus-based law enforcement for rescue if the incident transpires on a college campus.

2. Inform Your Loved Ones

It can be challenging to speak about your sexual violence experience and more daunting to bring it up to close people like friends, family, or romantic partners. Avoiding the truth adds feelings of shame, and you take a long time to recover.

As scary as it looks, reach out to someone you trust, and it will set you free. Sharing your experience does not mean disclosing every detail but as much as you are comfortable talking about. However, you must be selective with who you tell, especially at first, to avoid unsupportive or judgemental remarks.

3. Call A Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Reporting an incident and getting medical assistance is equally crucial as seeking legal help from a sexual abuse lawyer. Taking legal action can be challenging since you are dealing with the experience and may be unsure of the solutions to pursue.

You must hire a qualified sexual abuse lawyer to help you navigate the legal system and hold the abuser accountable for their actions. However, the critical thing between you and the attorney is confidentiality. You must also actively share the traumatic events you have experienced for comprehensive assistance.

4.    You Should Call A Therapist

After reporting to the police and indulging a sexual abuse lawyer, you must call a therapist for mental health. The best way to manage the aftermath of sexual violence is to work with a therapist to avert intimidating thoughts and feelings. Have an open mind during therapy sessions for you to heal faster and achieve long-term goals.


Sexual assault can leave you with lasting trauma if you stay silent. If you speak to the relevant authorities, you will receive all the necessary help and stay safe from STIs and mental illness. Remember to contact a sexual  acmarketnet assault lawyer to help you with the legal process.