Varieties of ladders available in Kenya today

How often do you encounter challenges reaching the rooftops when doing your painting, changing bulbs, or scaling rooftops? Have you ever considered opting for simpler methods to make your challenges a piece of cake? Continue reading this article and say goodbye to all your, painting, scaling rooftop, and changing bulbs problems.

A ladder is an important tool when it comes to painting, scaling rooftops, and changing bulbs in tall buildings. Humans are of different stature, people with short stature often have rough times reaching high heights. The introduction of ladders has made it easy for short-statured individuals. Depending onthe type of work or personal preferences, there are a variety of ladders in the Kenyan marketstoday; therefore it is upon you to choose the best option that suits you. This article enlightens you on the different types of ladders available in Kenya today and their features.

Step ladders

As the word denotes, this type of ladder contains steps to aid the users to reach rooftops with ease.  Step ladders are the commonly used ladders. Step ladders are designed in a way that they can be used without propping it to any object, they are non-adjustable, they have two sides, they take an inverted ’v’ shape, supports only one person, and operates well on flat surfaces. Make your job easier with a step ladder.

Straight ladders

The other name for the straight ladder is a single ladder. A straight ladder looks like one side of a stepladder. Unlike the step ladder, this type of ladder is self-limiting such that it cannot operate on its own without the support of other objects. Single ladders’ length ranges from four feet to 30 feet, one climbable side, support only one person, and on flat ground for good stability. This type of ladder is mostly used for outdoor maintenance projects such as gutter cleaning.

Platform ladders

As the word denotes, this type of ladder is self-supporting and has a platform at its top. A platform ladder price in Kenya is not self-limiting. This ladder has two sides with only one climbable side, supports only a single individual, and requires a flat surface for stability. One of the advantages of the platform aluminium ladder over other ladders is that with a step ladder, you can stand at the top of it. If you are a landscaper or a painter, this is the best option for you.

Extension ladders

Extension ladders resemble single ladders, therefore as a straight ladder, it is one-sided. The only difference between them is extension ladders’ lengths are adjustable. Extension ladders can have either two sections or three sections,they can support only one individual, and are operational on flat grounds. Unlike other types of ladders, the adjustable feature makes it unique such that one can reach top heights without any difficulty. Isn’t that what you are looking for in a ladder?

To conclude, ladders have indeed made most of the construction work easier. Since there are different areas where one can use a ladder, there are enough options provided to ensure your need is fully covered. Choose your best option and enjoy your work.