Use animal-free vegan leather products – First Step Towards Saving Earth.

Veganism is a way of living without using any form of animal and animal by-products. Most animal lovers use these vegan products to show their love for animals. Total leather products we use in our daily life come from animals. Only some cheap leather products are available with synthetic materials. There are many vegan types of leather available in the market, and these vegan leathers are the best replacement for animal leathers. Still, they work as much as animal leather with similar quality.

Even these vegan leathers are available with different fashion materials like vegan tote bags, backpacks, office bags, and even more. There are many different kinds of leathers made from various fruits and plants, especially for vegans. Several leather alternatives are available, but only some types are environment friendly, which doesn’t harm the environment. These kinds of leather are used mainly by people with a love for animals and nature.

Different types of vegan leather

Vegans have many options for animal-free leathers, and each leather from the different kinds of fruits and plants is extracted. All these leathers have the same quality as the original animal leathers. These products are more efficient to work with, and the final product from these leathers have more product value. those vegan leathers are

  • Pinatex leather
  • Cork leather
  • Mushroom leather
  • Leaf leather
  • Grain-based leather
  • Recycled Bottles
  • Cactus leather
  • Apple leather

These are the available alternate options for animal leather, and most of these products have a high market value even than the original leathers.

Pinatex leather

This Pinatex leather is a new form of artificial leather from pineapple leaves. After harvesting, people only use pineapple, and the leaves go to waste.  But, by using the pineapple leaves, these Pinatex leathers are created. This innovative idea is more productive even from the waste of a product. This pineapple leather has a new different texture than any other leather material.

The main advantage of this leather is the environment-friendly material that is earth-friendly and doesn’t harm the planet and animals. This leather has many uses and vegan tote bags, and vegan leather products are one among them. Most of the leading leather products companies use these vegan leathers for their vegan customers. These are the advantages of vegan Pinatex or pineapple leather.

Cork leather

The cork is the wood material used in the wine bottle caps. Now, this cork material also enters the field of artificial leather and provides excellent products that are more attractive and fascinating than natural animal leather. This cork is naturally a stiff material with water resistance ability, making it more efficient for vegan leather. Many leading fashion brands launched their vegan cork leather products such as shoes and bags.

This cork has many attractive features, and after completing the product, some polyurethane coating is added to it, making the product more appealing. This coating makes this product look like a high-end fashion product. Many plant lovers love the texture and the look of this leather because it resembles wood, the vital offering of nature for humans.

Mushroom leather

This leather is reusables as same as the original animal leather in colour. These leathers are from different varieties of mushrooms like portobello and mycelium. In the mycelium mushrooms, experts use the stem of the mushroom for preparing this leather. For creating leather, mycelium cells react with some nutrients rich in cellulose, which makes a fibre called hyphae, which is the exact requirement for making vegan leathers.

Then these fibres of hyphae are grown as thin sheets for the following process. Then completing other methods, these fibres change into vegan leathers and those leathers are converted into vegan tote bags, earthly sandals and even many more fashion products. After the invention of this vegan leather from mushroom clears people that mushroom is not a substitute for animal meat but also animal skin.

Leaf leather

This leaf leather is a product of teak leaves. This vegan leather is from the leaf by joining many teak leaves and natural fabrics for sealing techniques. Creators use waterproof in this vegan leaf leather with some old methods to protect the leather’s colour and beauty from fading. And they defend it from damage. This leaf leather is more beautiful and has more fashion value than any other leather.

Grain-based leather

These grain-based leathers are the perfect alternative for animal leathers and even for most artificial leathers because this leather preparation needs only less water than other leather products manufacturing. This vegan leather is a product of biopolymer, and it is eco-friendly without any side effects, and it doesn’t cause any damage to the planet. This leather is best for vegan tote bags and vegan leather shoes. Like all other vegan leather materials, this grain-based leather also gets polyurethane polish or maintains its colour and design.

Recycled Bottles

This type of vegan leather is more beneficial for our planet because this vegan leather is a product of waste plastic bottles. After collecting waste plastic water bottles, workers convert them into small plastic flakes and polyester fibre. This fibre is later converted into shoes and bags as per requirement by them. This leather has many qualities like lightweight, waterproof and even stain proof.

People using this vegan leather feel so good about its comfort and different colour variants. Many leading companies in fashion collects plastic bottles from the ocean, make them into valuable and fashionable products, and create a new market for these plastic-based leathers. Most top leading brands advertise their vegan leathers with these innovative ideas and help society clean the oceans.

Cactus leather

This cactus leather is the best example of eco-friendly and animal-friendly leather. This cactus leather is new to the market, and it started its journey in 2019 only. This leather is from a cactus plant called nopal, and for making this leather, they use the leaves of this cactus. This leather is precisely from the plant, and it doesn’t have additional materials to it. This leather is perfect for vegan tote bags and other leather materials.

These vegan leathers are more attractive and have many valuable features. These leathers can be used in furniture because the structure and strength of these leather are too strong. Instead of using animal leathers, we can use these kinds of leathers, which has many benefits for both users and the earth.

Apple Leather

This vegan leather is a biodegradable product that has many advantages. This leather is a product of apple residues which are the waste from producing apple juice. This apple leather is a new kind of leather from fruit, and it has all features and characteristics of original animal leather. This leather is also known as apple peal leather because of its raw material.

For creating this apple leather, one meter requires 1L of water. For further process, this vegan leather requires only a few amounts of polyurethane for polishing. While compared with other vegan leather, this leather is more elite and have a separate market rate due to its texture and sustainability.

Advantages Vegan leathers

These vegan leathers help make many different fashion products like shoes, bags, sandals, and dresses. People who are vegans and those who love animals are the primary targets for this leather market. Nowadays, many people are changing themselves into vegans, and the vegan population is increasing day by day. Many industries are creating vegan-based products in a wide range to meet people’s requirements.